Written testimonials

My clients are some of the loveliest people I’ve met, I learn from them greatly, and these are some of their testimonials about how they’ve become well. 

A visit to Deborah is a must if you have any queries about your health. Her no nonsense explanation and advice really makes sense! From an appointment like this I want a listening ear, an informed professional and practical take home advice and that’s exactly what I got. Thank you Deborah! 

Emma Carson 2023

I first contacted Deborah asking for a food allergy test and she advised me to get a full comprehensive test done. I’m grateful I listened because what I learned is that food is just the tip of the iceberg to regaining my health. I’m now aware of the effect unprocessed emotions and stress has had on my health. I first sought help from Deborah to come off prescribed medication and with her guidance I am able to get more comprehensive blood tests taken privately than I would get with my GP. This has helped me understand the bigger picture of a chronic disease diagnosis. I have seen and felt vast improvements to my health since meeting Deborah 4 years ago. 

I have recommended Deborah and Passport to Change to everyone I’ve come into contact with because Deborah is exceptional at what she does and this type of re-education to Health is the way forward.

Thanks a million! 

Cathy Brogan March 2023

I could not recommend you more highly, I value the work you do and your advice has had a VERY positive impact on me….you are an important aspect of my healing

Anna Bruce 2023

I made an appointment with Deborah not long after being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Prior to seeing Deborah, I was having issues with memory, fatigue, and movement due to pain. After a few sessions, my rheumatic nodules had reduced on my hands to the point that they no longer impacted my function. Previously, I had been told the only way that these could be reduced would be surgery. Deborah’s knowledge is invaluable to me for managing my condition and helping my daily routine and get out of my ‘brain fog’. She has given me more help than any medication/pain killer I have been prescribed and for this I can’t thank her enough. Laura McKinney 2021

Women In Technology at Allstate 2021

Deborah recently presented to the staff of Allstate on the request of WITA (Women in Technology at Allstate). Deborah discussed the topic of you are what you eat, particularly in relation to desk-based workers. Deborah’s enthusiastic presentation style was both informative and easy to follow. Her cultural references and personal experience examples helped our staff to understand the topic and engage in the session. Very positive event, helping attendees understand that what they consume can have a massive impact on our health. 

September 2015

The lovely Nicola sent me this…and gave me permission to share.

Hi Debs

Every morning I take my remedy and walk my dog in the park. Every morning I come home and am so grateful for my remedy which allows me to function as a normal human being in the summer time. Every day I think I must drop you a line and every night I get in to bed and realise that I haven’t thanked you….so here I am thanking you so very much for my remedy – you are a marvel.

Anyway, take care of you.

Nicola Samuel July 2015

On Facebook Gillian AtwellI only saw Debbie once but her advice changed my life and within two weeks my energy levels went through the roof. I am forever grateful for her kind, attentive and honest approach.

Unlike · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 21:44 July 7th 2015

Hi Deborah,

Just another update… I’ve really noticed a difference in my skin, its the best it has been in so many years which is amazing, and I’m even going bare faced which I haven’t done in ages!

Gluten free wise… I am sticking to it really well, and actually quite enjoying it as it encourages me to make healthier choices. 

Thank you again for your support,

Hannah Baker, Surrey, October 2014

Deborah has helped me more than she knows, not just with the healthy supplements she has advised I take, but I am always cheered up and ready to continue the fight after I have spoken to her, highly recommended and a kind hearted lady to boot.

Anthony Sedgwick Suffolk September 2014

I had got myself in to complete overwhelm and was exhausted. I sat down with Deb but I didn’t know what was wrong – it was lots of little things all over. By the end of the first session I already felt better as Deb guided me so I could understand myself and my body and the niggles and my thoughts. After three sessions, a few wonderful nutrients, some tweaks to my diet and my habits, which were easy to do, and now typing this, I have more energy, I have clearer thoughts, I feel healthy and I have the confidence that I had lost. I’m back on track – and Deb is there on the phone with me so I can now go the next level. I’m excited.


Lisa Arthur Surrey UK August 2014


Well it was certainly my lucky day when Alexandra Bastedo arranged for me to see Debbie, although I trusted Alex’s advice u0026amp; knowledge implicitly I was unsure of what to expect from a nutritionist, true to Alex’s word Debbie was like a breeze of fresh air, she is always positive and there is always a knowledgeable reply to my endless queries.

I am disabled from a head injury almost 20 years ago and being told that the cancer I thought I had said goodbye to some 16 years ago is back was devastating news, Alexandra took me under her wing, I was her fellow sufferer, Debbie has been there throughout with encouragement and advice, the Dr’s are still saying its incurable because it has recurred  but are amazed at how much the cancer has shrunk u0026amp; at the extent of the healing after 3 of a planned 6 chemo treatment’s, so much so that they have now put the treatment on hold for 3 months.

Why not see if Debbie can help you, it seems she deals with pretty much anything and reflexology with Louise is something else I promise, guaranteed to lift you out of your darkest moment, do try them out, they are truly dedicated amazing people, so helpful.

Helen Spicer, West Sussex March 2014

Dear Debbie,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your sweet card wishing my partner and I a nice Spring.

You are the most sweet, beautiful, gorgeous health practitoner I have ever encountered in the so called traditional field or elsewhere (alternative).

I am very happy to hear that your client list/scope of action on many levels is growing, and you so deserve all these beautiful things to happen to you.

You are most definitely a breath of fresh air, and I am honoured to have come across you. Despite having put so much hope and effort into visiting quite a few practitioners before.

Your humour is contagious, and your energy infectious.

Could not agree more with you both mentioning the importance of SMILING. I smile all the time.

Your attention to detail, humbleness, your honesty and your integrity makes all the difference, and to me you are a very special human being. It shows in little precious gems like that.

Sending you lots of love, and gratitude for all you do. I hope you don’t think I’m too cheesy but  the world is a much better place with YOU in it, Debs.

Keep doing what you are doing. Suggesting the small, humble simple steps, in peoples ‘recovery, who are already over-burden by the pain etc of health issues.

Lots of Love, gratitude and a very happy Spring to you too.

Ana Cobas xxxxxxxxxx

Portsmouth, Hampshire 5th March 2014

Deborah Walker saved my life …………………… an exaggeration you might think but when I first saw her I had no energy, my skin was unhealthy, I had seven colds in as many months, had back pain from a prolapsed disc and was suffering from depression after the death of my husband a year earlier. I felt helpless and at rock bottom. Debbie put me on a Cytoplan high quality multi vitamin complex tablet plus a couple of other tablets and suggested I try to eat a healthy diet with vegetables etc. I screwed up my face and said I don’t like vegetables and I certainly will not be changing my eating habits. Debbie was not put off by lack of openness to change and was still incredibly encouraging and supportive of the stranger she had just met. She asked for my commitment for just two months and said she would increase my energy levels by eighty percent. My results showed I was also severely dehydrated and she encouraged me to drink warm water which would rehydrate me much quicker than cold and my body would not use energy warming it up first.

The tablets arrived within a couple of days and I remember starting to take them on the Saturday and on the Sunday I fell asleep in the middle of the day at an event. By Monday afternoon I noticed I felt a little brighter and more awake; by the end of that week I started to think perhaps I could manage the ‘five a day’ she had suggested. From then on my diet, energy and overall health began to improve and within a month I had my first ever home made fresh vegetable juice mix with apple, cucumber, beetroot, broccoli, lemon, carrot and celery which for someone who didn’t like vegetables was a miracle in itself especially when I discovered it actually tasted nice too.

I have absolute trust in Debbie and cannot speak of her more highly; she has a kind, generous and supportive nature and her knowledge and expertise is second to none. Working together with Debbie has led me to a place where just over a year later I am the healthiest I have ever been. I follow her simple advice, eighty percent good food and twenty percent treats. I now have perfect skin, have lost the two stone in weight I gained after my husband died, have more energy now than I can ever remember having, am no longer depressed, my back condition has stabilised and I am less pain and I have not had a cold or any illness for about ten months. So yes, thank you Debbie, you really did save my life.

Suzanne Parmenter Surrey

Hi Debbie

All is going well with the vitamins and I feel and look really good, gluten and diary free – my skin is amazing!

Tanja Adams Productions November 2013

Hi Debs

Just wanted to say thanks for yesterday. Very enlightening, indeed. One of the best investments.

Donna Noble, Noble Yoga – August 2013


Can’t wait to hug you tomorrow!

Deborah Walker is remarkable – I shall be eternally indebted to her.

I am sending all my nearest and dearest- family and friends- for an MOT with her!

My gratitude is beyond words

Alexandra Bastedo July 2013 Actress and ABC animal sanctuary.

My yoga practice has been completely transformed.

I’ve got this sudden strength and sturdiness in my shoulder girdle that I’ve always dreamed of having. I’m doing poses that I’ve never managed to do in 10 years of practice.

Unbelievable…and I’ve lost weight….

Thank you
Jayne Quinton Yogini London June 2013

Deborah Walker is an amazing Naturopath! During a remote Skype session, she guided me to a better focus on my health in regard to diet and causes of several long term health issues.

The results have been incredible.

After a remote healing session, I found that I have had no more pain in the areas she focused on, despite the fact that I have suffered the pain for years after an old injury!

The pain has simply gone!

I would recommend that anyone needing help with their well being should book a session with her.

Mik McManus, Manus IT and MSI Radio host, N.Ireland.

I had a short term virus that Doctors’ suggested left me with post viral fatigue, I’d been feeling ill for 4+months and was unable to function in my usual capacity. It really wasn’t OK, I still had to deal with my 3 children, work responsibilities, customers, employees and just life generally, I could not afford to ‘break down’. Unable to get any real guidance on how to deal with the condition via the NHS and private health sector I sought the help of Deborah – I was desperate, I’d try anything that might help.

Debs is a great listener and made me realise that I’d probably been on a downward spiral at least a year prior, and, that I’d been burning the candle at both ends for over 10 years. My previous activities levels were just ridiculous, I had a busy home life, put in up to 70 hours a week in the office and travelled. I’d think nothing about squeezing in running 40 miles a week, racing, squash matches and socialising – all the time thinking 4 or 5 hours sleep a night was enough. I thought I ate healthily, after all. I’d read the food labels, I’d always watched ‘You are what you eat’, I knew my calorie count, my saturated fat…etc. The truth was I didn’t know what ‘healthy’ meant. Debs helped me understand a lot more about food, nutrition, chemical imbalances and introduced me to pulses and vitamins I’d never heard of. As for what’s in a standard deodorant…….ueerhh!

Recovery was a long road, but I feel the journey is complete and I want to pass on a massive thanks to you Debs.

I now have a much better work-life balance, get more sleep, am much more in-tune with my body and now listen to it (I’d been ignoring it for longer than I care to remember). My diet is much improved and I feel normal again. So again, thank you Debs for all the knowledge you’ve passed on, and for listening to me (I know I talk incessantly!!) What a valuable service!

Kind regards

Philip Pryke Guildford Surrey February 2013

Dear Debbie,

This is just to say a big “thank you” for your help in getting me into the land of the living again!

In particular, I shall never be able to express sufficiently my gratitude to you for introducing me to FLAX TEA. This wonderful stuff has enabled me to enjoy a more varied diet (so long as I remember to soak the seeds overnight!), as I know that I can drink a cup of the tea after each meal and feel its soothing properties calming my throat, which has been the victim of many probes in ear, nose and throat departments and an endoscopy in a reflux clinic. The amount of discharge has also reduced by half, which is amazing.

Once again, many thanks for your help and advice.

Best wishes,

Audrey Sims February 2013

I came across Debs by accident when I was desperately trawling the internet for suggestions to help my 12 year old daughter. For several months she had suffered from diarrhoea, bloating, flatulence, discomfort – all the classic signs of IBS. It had become so severe it was impacting our ability to take family holidays or even go out, and her school attendance was sporadic.

She had tried various medications from our GP, but Debs was the first person I spoke to who seemed to truly understand the impact all this was having on her life as a young girl. My daughter took to Debs from the first meeting and trusted her to help; after taking copious notes, asking questions and using the ‘magic machine’ Debs identified a number of potential food intolerances and chemical toxins affecting my daughter.

The solution, with hindsight, was simple – a very healthy, totally natural diet and lifestyle with plenty of water  ( well, there was a bit more to it, but that was the central idea).

Armed with our probiotics and advice, we cut out artificial sugars, gluten, sorbates and more – and within a couple of weeks there were marked signs of improvement. Since then, my daughter has gone from strength to strength; she feels and looks great and is very healthy.

Debs has been great with any questions and aftercare – we would certainly return with any further problems. Finding Debs was quite literally life changing!

Mrs J Moore Woking Surrey Feb 2013

Hi Debs,

Don’t know what you did yesterday but my back is so much better today. Huge, huge thank you

Have a fab weekend,
Gavin Thorne The Light Matters 5th January 2013

I have experienced really positive progress towards my health goals since working with  Debbie Walker. I would strongly recommend anyone with health issues, or those looking to maintain their health, to seek her guidance.

Ashley Holt Sir Teachalot November 2012

I found Deborah after reaching an all time low with my health. I had chronic candida, zero energy, was getting panic attacks and just felt awful and at a loss with how to move forward. I had found my GP to be unhelpful. The medication I was prescribed seemed to make the candida come back even stronger each time. I was bloated, uncomfortable and had terribly upset digestion that was taking over my life!

When I went for my first appointment I was late and I was flustered, but meeting Debs was like meeting up with an old friend. She is very relaxed, approachable and friendly and I really felt at ease. She is also incredibly professional. She explains biological processes in a clear and simple way, so that you start to understand the ways in which your body works (or doesn’t!). You really feel that she cares and her passion for the work she does is clear.A lot of what Debs teaches you about your body is common sense, using natural, simple techniques. With her help you quickly become more in tune with what your body wants and needs, once you’ve been given the tools to start to listen to it. An added bonus is that she is only ever a phone call or an email away to offer extra support and advice between appointments.In 6 months I went from having no energy and a very distressed digestive system to having heaps of energy, calm digestion, clear skin and a more positive outlook. In many ways, the changes to my mental health (which were not the reason I came seeking help) have been the most exciting. I have more confidence and self belief. All my friends say I look 10 years younger, which can only be a positive side effect!I would recommend Debs to anyone. I feel better than I have done in many years. Turning 40 this year has been the beginning of a whole new me. Thank you Deborah Walker!

Bev Dorking in Surrey

“Deborah is not only a great naturopath, she has the most amazing personal energy that is 100% infectious. I love working with her, even though I know I’m probably a painful client at times and don’t always do the homework … I feel she never gives up on me. She has tremendous drive and ferocious integrity and I would thoroughly recommend her.”

Vanessa Lanham Day August 1, 2012

My chiropractor Pat mentioned Debbie to me; she is the naturopath that works alongside Pat. Debbie also carries out energy work. I knew that I was responsive to energy work as I had experienced Reiki, Shiatsu, cranial/sacrum work and had a few sessions of other energy related work to help with spine and muscle issues. I am a firm believer that we can trap issues in our cells which can cause illness. If we do not resolve issues the emotions can remain, unresolved within our bodies.

I mentioned to her that I was scratching my back in my sleep. The shoulder where Pat had been treating me for pain. I was wondering if something was trying to get out, as mad as that may sound. Debbie noticed immediately that I was hunched over and as though I was carrying a huge weight upon my shoulders.

We clicked immediately and I knew she would be great to work with. We went straight into some energy work which Debbie says is unusual at a first session. For me it seemed absolutely right and she knew it. I had been having feelings of sadness welling up inside me, I had no idea what these related to and having never been the depressive type this was unusual. I didn’t feel depressed or even ‘down’, it just crept up on me surprising me with its intensity but I couldn’t let it out. Debbie enabled me to let some of this out while we worked together this first time. I felt an enormous release and have been able to let more go since using her technique and now I don’t even need to do that it comes out naturally.

At our first session Debbie discovered that I was chronically dehydrated. She explained that maybe some of the scratching wasn’t emotion getting out but could also be toxins trying to find a way out too. I didn’t have enough hydration in my bowel to process this waste so another way out was being sought.

I saw Debbie a couple more times, each time she sent me off with a personalised remedy to take, she monitored my body to see how my hydration was progressing and noted one time that I had a sinus problem. I didn’t at the time however a week later I had terrible tooth pain and a speedy extraction – this was a top tooth with a root into my sinuses.

Debbie recommended some supplements to take and I seem to have a more ‘balanced’ feeling in me. We worked in our final session on nutrition. She had been asking me to up my water intake from our first session and was able to confirm that now I was hydrated. I now drink about a litre and a half to two litres of water each day and make myself smoothies each day into which I empty my supplement capsules. The result of taking in more fruit and especially more veg as well as balanced supplements is that I feel ‘cleaner’, not stodgy. I also have noticed a change in my cravings. I no longer want so many carbs. I used to want bread, cheese, pasta and chocolate all the time. Now I get more excited in the veg aisles when I shop. I have no desire for what I used to crave and this has just ‘happened’.

Debbie recommended some reading too. She knew I would get some sense from the first book she mentioned, now I want to read more of her list.

I will go back to see Debbie from time to time but she has set me up with a programme of recommended supplements according to the season and I am eating a different, and seasonal, range of fresh fruit and veg. My body and my mind both feel more relaxed and positive.

Sue Baxter August 2012

Being a slightly older mum of a lively 4 year I was finding myself constantly tired and susceptible to all the colds and coughs that came along.   Alongside this I was keen to have another child and I decided to start with finding out what I could do to start feeling better from the inside.   I found Debbie incredibly easy to talk to and this continued throughout the sessions giving me the confidence to ask any questions I had no matter how obvious or silly.   Changing your lifestyle is always challenging so I found the process of making small changes in stages very easy to follow, building on each stage as we went.   It has been a life changing experience for me as I now feel great and have much more energy than before.     I now know what I need to do to keep my health up and am confident that if I need any extra guidance I can go back to Debbie for a check up or advice no matter how small.   I would definitely recommend Debbie to anyone looking for that life change or even just for some advice on what to do next.

R Myers, Surrey July 2012

I have been seeing Debbie for a few months now and after each visit I always notice the difference.   She is very thorough in her analysis and takes the time to listen to what is going on.   Her treatment plan is easy to follow and she is always there to give moral support if I wander off track.   Thank you, Debbie; your help and support as always are much appreciated!

Gemma H, Guildford, Surrey July 2012

Fraggle is a 3 year old budgie living with Gemma:
A while ago I started to feel very under the weather – I wanted to sleep all the time and my feathers were all falling out.   My humans took some of my feathers to Debbie who scanned them on her magic machine.   She told my humans what they could do to help me and soon enough I was feeling like myself again!   Now, my feathers have all grown back and I love to fly and play!   Thank you Debbie!

Fraggle, Guildford, Surrey July 2012

You are very inspirational Debbie, so do keep in touch, for me, would be a good thing…

M Hatcher SCC Surrey May 2012

Wow Deborah was lovely and really helpful and that machine of hers. Quite incredible. So thanks for the suggestion. After 6 1/2 years of breastfeeding and broken nights and still feeding 3 children I really felt I needed a proper check to make sure that I’m on the right track with my nutrition and health etc. She is just what the doctor ordered – or rather what the doxtor ordered as I woudn’t trust a doctor!!!

A Henry, Woking, Surrey, writing to Shazzie from Detox your world May 2012

Hi Debs, thanks for the fantastic show last night….I learned so much!


TNS Radio and Scottish Sovereign Radio 16th April 2012 with Gary Collins

Hello Debbie,  

great show last night, hope Gary gets better soon. I hope you can continue the interview with him when both partys are able.
I’m sure you will find this interview below very interesting.Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride she discusses all of the important information about gut and psychology syndrome and autism in children.
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has announced that 1 in 88 children in the U.S. are now diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD)i .
The number represents a 23 percent increase in the last two years and 78 percent in the past five years.

Here is the link.
Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride (Part 1 of 6)


all the very best Bryanu0026amp;Andrea Scottishsovereign members bye.


TNS Radio and Scottish Sovereign Radio 16th April 2012 with Gary Collins

I decided to seek Debbie’s help as I wanted more energy for work. As a business owner, there is never enough hours in the day and I was sometimes struggling to take advantage of the ones I did have! I was a bit sceptical but willing to give it a try. Debbie took a detailed history of my health and sat me in front of her ‘wizzy machine’ and then explained what my body needed to create optimum health. Debbie is easy to talk to and very supportive. It is now 4 months since I started to work with Debbie. I no longer have the 4pm dip and magically have the energy to do things in the evenings, something I would really have struggled with before. I feel much healthier which was surprising as I ate healthily anyway and I lost weight which was a bonus I had not expected. I am really pleased that I put my scepticism to one side and I would highly recommend Debbie.

Joanne Element Business Fit Hampshire

I haven’t known Debbie long but she has helped enormously with several medical aspects of mine and my families lives. We have never met but spoken by email and through the amazing technology of skype. It is refreshing to talk to a real human being who considers your whole, not just the problem. A lot of good, solid and grounding advice that we all often forget but Debs makes us aware of it in a great way.I have always felt comfortable talking about my problems and taking on board the issues, help and guidance Debbie has had to offer, and never felt pressured into trying everything that is suggested but only using the things I feel comfortable with, gaining trust in them. We have had a massive trauma as a family and she has given good honest advice in helping my son and I have seen the amazing benefits. So thanks Debs, my awareness is greater and will continue to be so, keep up the fantastic work! If anybody is wondering whether or not to contact Debbie should just pick up the phone or email her, you won’t be disappointed! Thank you xxx

H Mee Ipswich, Anglia February 2012

I have felt very supported by Debbie in conquering my health problems right from the start. Although I have had several ups and downs, I am gradually moving in the right direction, thanks to Debbie’s help in diet, supplements and lifestyle changes that I have put into my life. I know that if I hadn’t started working with Debbie when I did, I would still be in a very dark place feeling lost, confused and very ill. Now I can see that light at the end of the tunnel.

I Woods – Lancaster February 2012

Since seeing you my son seems to be more balanced and calmer, he isn’t getting as frustrated with things as easily and his appetite has increased. Thank you again.

Claire G Guildford Surrey

You know I looked in the mirror and thought I am looking younger!

L Gates Guildford Surrey 14th February 2012

Inspired by your training today, I have come home and worked hard on my personal statement. If you are still free, I would be grateful if I could change my mind and take advantage of your spare appointment on Wednesday to go through it with you.

R Dearnley Surrey  14th February 2012

Within a few weeks of seeing Debbie, my energy levels were more as they were 10 years ago. She has subsequently and systematically worked through my various health issues and the difference has been astonishing. Debbie knows her subject inside out and unlike many she really listens to you.

Bill Mowat January 2012 Mowat IT

I was blown away by the stuff on Monday. Utterly fascinating. Without question the most interesting, stimulating and though provoking couple of hours I’ve spent in a long while

A Baker Hertfordshire December 2011

Thank you for all your advice and support on the fertility front; it really has been greatly appreciated.

J Morris Kingston upon Thames 2011

A  massive thanks to Debbie from www.deborahwalker.co.uk. I had several Phone consultations with her via skype in order to get to the bottom of our family dogs ailments. Our dog was diagnosed by our vet as having paralysed larynx and therefore was having breathing difficulties especially when she got excited. This condition can eventually lead to death.

Debbie asked me to send her some sample of the dogs hair, and ran some tests which yielded some surprising results. We discovered our pooch was allergic to potatoes, wheat flour products and dairy products (all of which we were feeding to her) so, as per advisement from Debbie we cut out all of those things in the dogs diet, Debbie then continued with further tests and sent us a remedy which we now faithfully add to our dogs diet..and I can tell you , Im glad and blessed that Debbie and myself made contact because our dog is now like a brand new dog, very rarely does she have any breathing difficulties and seems more content overall.

So a massive thanks to you Debbie from my wife and myself. You are a diamond in a field of rocks…much love and best wishes to you Debbie , and keep up the good work

Gary and Jackie- Scotland November 2011
Gary Collins Singer and TNS radio presenter, and Scottish Sovereign Radio Presenter

Hi Debbie

Just wanted to send you a big thank you for Saturday!!

I thought you were wonderful, can’t believe you ‘got’ me so quickly and I came away feeling so calm and centred.

Such a lovely feeling which as you could tell, I don’t feel very often.

I keep reading your prescription and telling myself to be calm – it’s funny how the diet recommendations will be easy to implement – am loving the linseed tea with vanilla 🙂 it’s the mind stuff that will take more practise…I know that are thoughts are our reality but it’s just remembering that everyday.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for getting me back on track!!!!!!

I wanted to give you a big hug when I left, you really did make such a difference to me.

Claire xx

“Debbie has helped me to re-balance my body from a nutritional perspective and I am very happy with the results. I really enjoyed working with her during this time and I am amazed at the knowledge she has about all things to do with food and the body.”

Elvira Villarini – NLP Transformational Coach, Hampshire

Elane Vass Testimonial on 4N website for advice that I gave in a short 121 session to improve her sons health.


I was once told that people come into your life for a reason and that I feel is true of how I have met Debbie. Having suffered with chronic eczema and asthma since 6 months old and numerous bouts of hospital visits, steroids, immune suppressants and other horrid drugs, that yes have helped me, it’s been refreshing and great to talk to a real human being who considers your whole, not just the problem.

I have always felt comfortable talking about my problems and taking on board the issues, help and guidance Debbie has had to offer, and never felt pressured into trying everything that is suggested but only using the things I feel comfortable with gaining trust in them. So thanks Debs, my awareness is greater and will continue to be so, keep up the fantastic work! Thank you xxx

Hannah Mee  Ipswich Anglia, UK

It is fair to say that working with Debbie has changed my life. Before I decided to seek coaching I was working in excess of 12 hour days for poor pay. I had no quality of life and my relationships with the people around me were crumbling before my eyes. My zest for life had all but evaporated, and I had convinced myself that this is how I had to live my life to be a success. All my dreams were placed in a future place that seemed to float further away, oppose to getting any closer.

After a relatively short time my whole outlook has changed, and with it so has my future. Life is providing me with the tools and resources to achieve whatever I set my mind to. The same tools and resources that were always there, yet I had been living in such a way that they were hidden to me.

I am now learning to develop my dreams. My hopes and aspirations are still the same now as they always were. The only difference is that now I am building a bridge toward them instead of away from them. I am very grateful to the gift that I have received from working with Debbie. It is the gift of having your life in your hands, and taking responsibility and control of how it unfolds. I know now how much I was allowing other influences to dictate my path. Never again.

Dean Grimshawe
Bagshot, Surrey UK

Hi Debbie

Thank you so much for yesterday.

I walked into your house feeling like I didn’t know which direction to turn in (which is 100% true because I got lost on the way to your place!) especially in my career. As soon as I walked into your house I felt at ease, I didn’t think “oh no what have I let my self in for”. It is because you are so welcoming, with an abundance of energy and that energy you give off it is contagious!, and you didn’t judge me.

I really wasn’t a 100% sure of how the session was going to start apart from the huge piece of blank paper stuck to your wall. It didn’t even feel like a session it was more of an informal chat, like meeting up with an intelligent helpful friend over coffee. One thing that really sticks out in my mind was that you listened, never once butting in when I was thinking of the right words to say, so many people don’t understand that, that is what listening really means.

I thought I had no confidence and by you using (showing) one of your many techniques you helped me understand that I have masses of confidence I just didnt believe it. Which in a nut shell means I had little self belief, easy really. By getting me to remember a time when I felt confident made me feel it instantly. And I then practiced it all day. This morning was the first time in months that I really wanted to wake up and start the day, I have got my energy back and the sparkle in my eye. I am sitting tall, feeling positive and ready for the challenges ahead and this was after one hour with you YESTERDAY!

By the time we had finished the paper was full of my words and my direction was clear. I walked out taller, confident and lighter. I left all my excess baggage at your door, I hope you have’nt fallen over it.

I cant thank you enough.
You’re a real star.
My only regret is that I didn’t see you sooner.

Speak to you soon
T Walton  Fitness Manager  Surrey UK


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