Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following Q&A’s are a quick link to information most frequently asked by site visitors and potential clients.

I currently work both virtually over the internet or face to face in my clinic in Omagh, Northern Ireland
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Seeing a naturopathic nutritionist can transform your health naturally by using nutrition, cleansing, vitamins and minerals, in a long term sustainable way. Read More>

I can work directly with bioresonance testing with you in the clinic which is non invasive, and quick. This gives you a good insight on which foods may be causing you issues. 
I can organise blood or stool tests to be carried out via Genova labs which are sent directly to you. 
I sell Gluten and Coeliac blood test kits in the online shop that give fast and accurate results.

Yes! ‘I feel tired all the time’ is something I hear from 90% of my clients, and restoring their energy levels for them is a key part of the work that I do in my clinic. 
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Yes. I see people who consider they have digestive issues such as irritability in the bowel area every day. Many of my clients have been suffering for years before seeing me, and have seen their doctor numerous times which hasn’t made any difference.
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Yes. Many of my clients have stressful jobs, and lives which put a strain on their health, and overall day to day ability to perform.
I can help you to understand how to reduce the impacts of stress from the inside out.
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I work with all sorts of people but they all have something in common –  they want a natural alternative to the normal medical approach.
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You can book an initial free consultation to discuss your needs by booking the 15 minute no obligation chat. 
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Online appointments are carried out via the phone, Skype, Zoom or What’s App on your computer, tablet or smart phone
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Payment methods accepted include:

  • All major debit / credit cards
  • Paypal – Online booking only
  • Cash