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Energy and Fatigue

‘I feel tired all the time’ is something I hear from 90% of my clients, and restoring their energy levels for them is a key part of the work that I do in my clinic.
  • Are you finding it hard to stay awake at 3pm in the afternoon?
  • When you wake up do you no longer spring out of bed but hope that it’s permanently a Sunday?
  • Do you just want to sleep?
  • Are you continually struggling to get through your day.

It’s awful to continually feel like this I know because I have been there for periods of my life. The enjoyment levels of your life drop significantly when you are permanently exhausted all day.

My approach is to take a full health and lifestyle history from you, allowing me to understand what the key causes of your fatigue may be including whether it’s nutritional deficiency, your lifestyle, diet, toxicity, or other factors such as parasites, gut health, allergies, and bacteria.

I then create a full step by step tailored plan to restore your energy levels back to what you remember them to be. This plan may include the following:

  • Dietary changes
  • Nutrition focus
  • Allergy and intolerences identified and removed
  • Any bacterial or parasitical issues dealt with
  • Supplementation identified
  • Deficiencies identified and resolved

Understanding what is creating your lack of energy is the first step. Once that is understood we can work on undoing it for you, gently changing your life, energising you so you can enjoy it fully again.

You don’t have to feel permanently shattered and fatigued all the time, many of my clients come to me after years of seeing their doctor who hasn’t been able to find anything wrong with them. You know there is, and I promise you that the majority of my clients improve their energy levels with simple and easy to incorporate changes that won’t leave you feeling even more exhausted.


I decided to seek Debbie’s help as I wanted more energy for work. As a business owner, there is never enough hours in the day and I was sometimes struggling to take advantage of the ones I did have! I was a bit sceptical but willing to give it a try. Debbie took a detailed history of my health and sat me in front of her ‘wizzy machine’ and then explained what my body needed to create optimum health. Debbie is easy to talk to and very supportive. It is now 4 months since I started to work with Debbie. I no longer have the 4pm dip and magically have the energy to do things in the evenings, something I would really have struggled with before. I feel much healthier which was surprising as I ate healthily anyway and I lost weight which was a bonus I had not expected. I am really pleased that I put my scepticism to one side and I would highly recommend Debbie.

Joanne Element Business Fit Hampshire