Pain management

Simple lifestyle and dietary changes can help you to manage and reduce the pain you are experiencing.

I can help you to identify what you need to do.

Being permanently in pain is exhausting, and debilitating, but there are simple changes that can often be made to the diet you are on that can help to reduce the amount of pain you are experiencing.
I will look at your complete health and lifestyle and design you a series of treatment plans that will:
  • look at what is creating the inflammation or what might be making it worse
  • identify which foods that could be making the pain worse not better
  • help to reduce the pain you are experiencing
  • outline a diet that will reduce the pain that our body is experiencing from the inside out
  • help you to understand what makes your body experience more pain and what you can do about this.

We are often eating and drinking in a way that ensures your body suffers from inflammation, and aching pain with little understanding of how to reduce it except to take a painkiller. But dietary changes can have profound effects in regards to the pain you are experiencing.