Stress Reduction

Is stress a big factor in your life?

Are you feeling increasingly:

  • overwhelmed
  • tired all the time
  • with little energy to enjoy life?

Are you now experiencing

  • digestive issues
  • headaches
  • foggy thinking
  • lack of memory
  • inability to fully sleep or disrupted sleeping patterns?

I know from experience how a stressful job and lifestyle can suddenly start to lead to burn out, and how it can detrimentally affect your health in the long term.

Many of my clients have stressful jobs, and lives which put a strain on their health, and overall day to day ability to perform.

Experience Less Stress Quickly and Effectively

I can help you to understand how to reduce the impacts of stress from the inside out. I introduce you to step by step advice, and support on:

  • Simple Dietary Changes that will give you energy and that will address any health issues you may be experiencing
  • Focused Nutrition that will outline those foods that make you feel worse and those that will feel calmer and key nutrients to reduce the impacts that stress is having
  • Key Supplementation that will support your body whilst it has the stress to resolve any nutritional deficiencies it may be causing
  • Coaching that will enable you to enable you to move yourself forward through the stress issues to deal with it all better
  • Emotional Support that can include Energy Therapies such as Psych K, EFT and or Access Consciousness which help to reduce your stress levels.  (Face to face sessions only)

These will help you to experience less stress quickly and effectively, leaving you able to deal with the pressures of life, business, and work.

I can help you to reduce the stress and the toll that it takes on your body, giving you clear step by step advice on reducing the stress you are feeling from the inside out. Supporting your immune system on the way whilst you are making the changes, enabling you to feel calmer and more in control than you have felt in years.

The approach I take is one that will enable you to get back in and perform again at the high level you know you can perform at. It gives you your concentration levels back, clear thinking, a good memory, energy, and a body that want’s to get up in the morning to easily and enjoyably face the day again.

I will look at your diet in detail, nutrient deficiencies, because stress is a key cause of them, your overall health picture and how your body systems are performing, and the impact it is having on your hormones.

We will then address them step by step, with a tailored plan of action of supplementation, diet, focused nutrition, cleansing, coaching and remedies that will support you through the changes you need to make.