Vegan Broccoli Soup

I love my soup maker it makes life so easy to have lunch made within 20 minutes. Today’s lunch was a simple broccoli soup, and it’s a great way of getting your greens in.

Cruciferous vegetables have a compound within them that is very beneficial for the body, and in particularly diets with lot’s of brassica have research supporting their help in reducing carcinogenesis. I find most people are just not eating enough greens in their diet on a daily basis, but soups can definitely make this easier. Cardio protective it’s a great addition for a simple and quick lunch.

1 large head of broccoli and stem, just break up the lot into florets and chop the stem into 2 cm blocks

2 tablespoons of Engevita nutritional yeast

1 medium sized onion chop into 4 pieces

600ml of vegetable stock

175ml of coconut milk (Biona for instance)

Well I know my clients and this is a fast food for you, no real fuss, just add the lot to the soup maker, put onto the smooth soup function and 21 minutes later you have a lovely soup perfect for warming you up.

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