Food for thought TNS radio show podcasts 2012

December 2012 shows

Alix Longman Chemtrails Project UK 29th December 2012

Alix LongmanAlix Longman Professional voice coach, actress, and writer for TV and film, talks in detail about the organisation Chemtrails Project UK, and how they are raising awareness to what is happening in our skies.


Sara Turner Vibrational Essences Practitioner and Trainer 22nd December 2012

Sara gives me one of the most lovely and calming interviews I have ever experienced on Vibrational Essences, and their uses. She explains the different types and why you might want to add them to your personal journey of health. 


Tom Evans Author 15th December 2012

Author Tom Evans talks in detail about his book This we know, how it came about, the messages behind it, and what could be next!

Michele Gamble Performance coach

8th December 2012

Michele Murray gives me an extraordinary interview about personal development, and achieving what you want in life. A life of personal difficulty with depression has led her to be one of the most interesting development coaches in Surrey to work with due to her own life experience.

Sandie Gustus Author and Teacher

1st December 2012

Author Sandie Gustus gives an amazing interview about her book Less Incomplete which covers the work of one of the most famous researchers into the non physical body and OBE’s.

November 2012 show

Dean Grimshawe Personal Trainer

24th November 2012

Dean talks this week with me about exercising, and hormone optimisation.



Jude Reid Naturopathic Nutritionist Dorking Surrey

Judith Reid Naturopathic Nutritionist from Dorking talks about Bachs Flower Remedies in her practise.

Martin Derwent New Dawn Project
10th November 2012

Martin discusses what motivated him to set up the project, the aims of the project, the people it helps both overseas and in the UK, and how you can get involved. 



Durwin Banks Linseed Farmer
3rd November 2012

Durwin talks about the small scale process of his linseed, what makes small batch production different, and the benefits of adding linseed to your daily diet.



October 2012 shows

Dr Mark Sircus
27th October 2012

Author of numerous alternative health books, and Director of IMVA, Dr Mark Sircus talks about his latest book that is set to create a health revolution, his protocols, and what motivates him to continue speaking out to help people take control of their own health, naturally.


Sue Warwick 13th October 2012

Sue Warwick Soul Verse

Sue is an intuitive, who channels information via poetry. Influencing authors and business people, she talks about her journey and how she has developed an ability she believes we all have.



September 2012 shows

29th September 2012

Kelly Rosano Astrologist and Coach. Kelley is a fantastic astrologist who uses coaching in her work to guide her clients. In this interview she gives insights into the movement of the stars coming up over the next few months, and the impacts we are likely to feel. This interview has technical issues so be aware that it has background interference happening.


22nd September 2012

This week I talked to Mike a spokeman from Stopsmartmeters.org.uk, who gives us good reason to say no to having them attached to our properties.

15th September 2012

Tom Evans

An insightful interview with Author Tom Evans about his book Flavours of Thought, and using it as a personal development tool and his new work Bending Time.

8th September 2012

Interview with Elvira Villarini from E-Motion NLP, talking about NLP and the uses of it to enable change to happen.


1st September 2012

Interview with Shazzie, from Detox your World, author, visionary, super mum, CEO, TV presenter, and so so much more. An inspirational hour and a half interview on life, and being raw.

Well that was just the first half then the second half I had Dr Stephen Hopwood, who runs Arcturus Clinic talking about the Cancer Care Conference he is running in November




August 2012 shows

11th August 2012

Adam Buttery talks all about Bowen, where it comes from, and the wide range of uses for this therapy, and then to top this off continues with Reiki and energy work. Absolutely fascinating particularly his journey to becoming a therapist.


4th August 2012

Sue Millett walks her talk, she uses a tool box of energy therapies and Human Design to help her journey through life, and personally develop herself. She talks about the various aspects of both Human Design and Matrix Energetics.


July 2012 shows

28th July 2012

Cytoplan supplements MD Amanda Williams talks about the nutrition gap and why you should choose food state supplements over synthetic supermarket varieties.



21st July 2012

GM freeze campaign director Pete Riley on GM foods, what GM freeze is doing campaign wise to stop them from entering the food chain, and what we can do to get involved with them.



15th July 2012

Just me, talking about natural health and waxing lyrical about what gets in the way of having it.



7th July 2012

This weeks show has Keith Hern and Joanie Graff talking about their natural route to resolving the cancers they were diagnosed with.

Joanies interview is here


June 2012 shows

23rd June 2012

This weeks show has a spectacular interview with Dean Grimshawe from Warrior Coaching and the Founder of Team Warrior. Truly inspiring.



16th June 2012

This weeks show has an interview with Neel and Richard from Swiss Harmony, who have a product that helps to harmonise the house, and protect you from EMF’s, chemical toxicity and radiation.


Denise Oliver

9th June 2012

This weeks show has an interview with Denise Oliver from DO nutrition, she talks about all sorts including urine therapy, and whether it should be chilled or not!

On You Tube

 2nd June 2012 –

This weeks show is all about the liver, and how you can use diet to support it, with hilarious musings from the chat box about zombies! 

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May 2012 shows

Interview with Gregory Anne Cox and Deborah Walker

26th May Interview with Gregory Anne Cox from www.midlifewithavengence.com.

Babies growing up to be 300lbs, obesity epidemic, diets, and what you can do about it!

On You Tube


Show from the 19th May 2012

Comes with a parental warning due to Vin deciding to be rude in the chat box, so be aware of this! Olympic sponsorship, and optimal health.




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