imgresThere is continual confusion for most people as to what makes a good diet, one minute you are told one thing, the next something else, leaving even the most well read amongst us scratching our heads. Many raw foodists I’ve met over the years are struggling to make their raw diet work for them in the UK, without yoyoing backwards and forwards, and sending their health after an initial improvement burst into a steady decline.

This is often due to them following one specific person and the approach that they have designed with little scientific or nutritional knowledge for themselves, which has worked, or they come to a winter and their body systems can’t deal with all the cold food, and neither can the individual mentally. I find that many people following dietary approaches blindly and are not actually listening to their own body any longer, eating super foods that give mixed messages to the body across the day, and eating any raw food thinking that because it’s raw it must be ok for them. So I’m all for books which give clear outlines of what works and how they work for specific body systems, not just for one person and Max has done this through solid research.

So if you are wondering how to make raw foods work for you in the UK, and how to address your specific health issues which led you to the raw food lifestyle in the first place, and are still finding yourself going backwards and forwards yoyoing between cooked and raw choices, well very definitely The Whole Body Solution: The Complete Guide to Ultimate Health and Anti-ageing should become your bible.

Taking you through each body system chapter by chapter, Max has delved into the science behind raw food, and how to use it to build, support, cleanse etc each body system. Influenced by The Hippocrates Institute approach and Brian Clements, their approach is shown to work, therefore this approach will enable you to achieve a raw food dietary balance if that is what you are searching for.

Clearly written and easy to read, I have no doubt that if you follow this advice, you will make your raw food diet work for you, and look in time as fabulous as Max does without having to turn to Photoshop! The science isn’t too heavy, used to make her points, referenced to add the weight to what she is suggesting. It’s a mixture of an education in how your body works, and the diet and lifestyle changes, raw style, that will optimise it.

If you want optimal health and wellbeing, I can definitely say that eating a raw food diet will ensure that you never look back, it’s been mine and my dogs way of living for over 10 years, and our health has never been better.

TimvanderVliet1-300x300This week on Food for Thought I have Tim Van Der Vliet author of the book Spiritual Awakening, The easy wayAfter 13 years in the financial markets, his interest in spirituality gave him a new perspective on the lessons he learned as a trader. Now he is a full time writer who has a fresh, no-nonsense, and light-hearted approach to life.

Tim talks about what changed for him during his time as a trader, how Spiritual Awakening came about, he takes us through the book, and how to find the joy in our lives and truly experience flow.

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About Tim
Tim van der Vliet is a Dutch Hay House author who lives in the city Amsterdam and rides his bicycle to get around. He has a light view on spirituality that he calls ‘Zen from Amsterdam’, and applies easy-to-use and understand tactics to be a spiritual being in the real world.

Tim is a natural born traveler, has a history in the financial market and he has four pretty young children. After his awakening he quit his job and started writing and speaking about life, or spirituality. Tim integrates spirituality into daily life and applies his real life experiences into easy-to-use and understand tactics to be a spiritual being in the real world, which he calls being “a Yogi in the City”. His book, Spiritual Awakening (the easy way) represents a new generation of spiritual books. Spiritual books can be a gift item, short and beautifully designed, without losing meaning. He is currently working on two new books: A Yogi in the City and The Art of Zen Investing.