Change your mind?

How we create change in our lives and health is often down to our mindset, so it’s not all about the food!

I’ve learnt a lot from my clients over the years, and one of the things I find most inspiring it how some clients achieve great change in their lives that effectively evolves the quality of life significantly in ways they and myself never even imagined

Those clients who succeed at changing their long term habits and rebuild their health are often:

  • not afraid to assess their life completely to create the changes they want to happen.
  • Addressing the fact that it’s not always a smooth route to change, and that failure often comes as part of the learning curve for both the client and myself.
  • Realise that it’s often just not one change that they have to make, but a number of them, reviewing their progress, tweaking it, and changing course when the time is right.
  • Strong enough to realise that resilience and health come from long term consistently carried out changes, not short term bursts. The small things they do daily create the biggest long term change.
  • Doing the things that they don’t want to do, but they do it anyway, and they often get on and do it first! Going to the gym, going out for a walk in the rain and cold, having that juice, eating those vegetables, cutting out the sweet stuff, they just do it. They take action every single day.
  • They focus on the goal rather than what they aren’t allowed to have.
  • Realise that not everything works in the way that it’s meant to, but instead of dwelling on it they move on to working out what will work.
  • They ignore the criticism of others.
  • Every word you say to yourself matters, the mind listens and reacts on what you are saying to yourself. If you feel that you can’t do it then you are creating a blueprint of how you want your body to react.

It’s not the falling off the wagon that’s the issue, it’s how fast you get back on! Good health is built from the everyday actions that we choose to take, and how our mind is set on creating those changes matters.

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