Justin Zalewski interview part 2

77083_304726782981928_854015362_nMonday night at 8pm, Wednesday 9.30pm and Saturday on replay at 9.30pm we have back on Food for thought which is broadcasting from Northern Ireland again, Justin Zalevski who runs superfoods7 and he rocked your world, several of you wrote and have been very interested in the things he had to say…so how could I not invite him back on to talk about cancer. 

So something piqued my interest in the last interview I did, and I couldn’t just leave it there really, which was the comment he made that cancer is an avoidable disease, so this interview starts by Justin telling me why he thinks this is the case, when there has been a war on cancer since the 1970’s and just recently in the news they are telling us that it’s 1 in every 2 people now who will get cancer.

He talks about he considers are the key issues behind cancer not being resolved? About how for almost a century, this disease has been the target of an investment business, namely the pharmaceutical industry, which has turned this epidemic into a multi-billion dollar business.

The discussion touches on how in an arena that tells us it’s all about the science and research to support what the medical people are doing, the science to support chemotherapy is scant. German biostatistician Ulrich Abel, PhD, wrote a monograph entitled “Chemotherapy of Advanced Epithelial Cancer.” he presented a comprehensive analysis of clinical trials and publications representing over 3,000 articles examining the value of cytotoxic chemotherapy on advanced epithelial cancer.  He showed that there is no direct evidence that chemotherapy prolongs survival in patients with advanced carcinoma; in small-cell lung cancer and perhaps ovarian cancer, the therapeutic benefit is only slight. You have to question why alternative or natural medicine really isn’t being used. 

We also discuss how something is definitely wrong when the government regulatory bodies pretend that vitamins are dangerous, and toxic chemicals that are used in every day medicines and foods aren’t, and we touch on how do people truly go about avoiding cancer in this day and age when we are surrounded by chemicals and environmental toxicity and the endless fear mongering.

Another great interview with Justin who is a mind of information. Click here to listen 

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