What to do now?

With all the media talking about the coronavirus it’s hard to not feel fearful in these times, and we must remember that fear impacts negatively on the immune system, the very thing you need to be strong at this time.

Avoiding spiraling into a ‘what if’ scenario is more likely easier said than done currently, so many are going to be affected by this on so many levels for so long after it has resolved itself. But the more stressed we become the more likely we will reduce our immunity and invite the very disease in that we are worried about.

Our modern world already works so much on their adrenaline, and becoming increasingly stressed will not help. Empower yourself by taking action to put in place positive health actions, practising breathing techniques, meditation, get out in your garden in the sunlight, start to plant up seeds ready to plant in a few weeks time, find healthy recipes that you now have time to make, use your essential oils and diffuse them around your house and most importantly realise that all of this goes a long way to giving you a stronger overall immunity.

The majority of the work I do is resolving clients’ gut issues, the seat of health is in the gut, and if this is out of balance I suggest you start by getting your gut health back in order. We all know that stress impacts the gut, you will know when you are stressed that it changes how your gut responds. Feed yourself the right food and your microbiome will thank you for it, keeping calm and empowering yourself will also leave your gut in a far better place.
Could this be a good time to educate yourself in good natural health? There are great books out there waiting for you to get stuck into, build your knowledge and build your immunity.

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