12 year old from Woking with IBS finally lives her life again.

I came across Debs by accident when I was desperately trawling the internet for suggestions to help my 12 year old daughter. For several months she had suffered from diarrhoea, bloating, flatulence, discomfort – all the classic signs of IBS. It had become so severe it was impacting our ability to take family holidays or even go out, and her school attendance was sporadic.

She had tried various medications from our GP, but Debs was the first person I spoke to who seemed to truly understand the impact all this was having on her life as a young girl.

My daughter took to Debs from the first meeting and trusted her to help; after taking copious notes, asking questions and using the ‘magic machine’ Debs identified a number of potential food intolerances and chemical toxins affecting my daughter.

The solution, with hindsight, was simple – a very healthy, totally natural diet and lifestyle with plenty of water  ( well, there was a bit more to it, but that was the central idea).

Armed with our probiotics and advice, we cut out artificial sugars, gluten, sorbates and more – and within a couple of weeks there were marked signs of improvement. Since then, my daughter has gone from strength to strength; she feels and looks great and is very healthy. Debs has been great with any questions and aftercare – we would certainly return with any further problems. Finding Debs was quite literally life changing!

Mrs J Moore and daughter Woking Surrey 

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