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Another client testimonial for Guildford!!

I had a short term virus that Doctors’ suggested left me with post viral fatigue, I’d been feeling ill for 4+months and was unable to function in my usual capacity. It really wasn’t OK, I still had to deal with my 3 children, work responsibilities, customers, employees and just life generally, I could not afford to ‘break down’. Unable to get any real guidance on how to deal with the condition via the NHS and private health sector I sought the help of Deborah – I was desperate, I’d try anything that might help.

Debs is a great listener and made me realise that I’d probably been on a downward spiral at least a year prior, and, that I’d been burning the candle at both ends for over 10 years. My previous activities levels were just ridiculous, I had a busy home life, put in up to 70 hours a week in the office and travelled. I’d think nothing about squeezing in running 40 miles a week, racing, squash matches and socialising – all the time thinking 4 or 5 hours sleep a night was enough. I thought I ate healthily, after all. I’d read the food labels, I’d always watched ‘You are what you eat’, I knew my calorie count, my saturated fat…etc. The truth was I didn’t know what ‘healthy’ meant. Debs helped me understand a lot more about food, nutrition, chemical imbalances and introduced me to pulses and vitamins I’d never heard of. As for what’s in a standard deodorant…….ueerhh!

Recovery was a long road, but I feel the journey is complete and I want to pass on a massive thanks to you Debs.

I now have a much better work-life balance, get more sleep, am much more in-tune with my body and now listen to it (I’d been ignoring it for longer than I care to remember). My diet is much improved and I feel normal again. So again, thank you Debs for all the knowledge you’ve passed on, and for listening to me (I know I talk incessantly!!) What a valuable service!

Kind regards

Philip Pryke Guildford Surrey

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