Dean Grimshawe,Bagshot, Surrey – Passport To Change Testimonial

It is fair to say that working with Debbie has changed my life. Before I decided to seek coaching I was working in excess of 12 hour days for poor pay. I had no quality of life and my relationships with the people around me were crumbling before my eyes. My zest for life had all but evaporated, and I had convinced myself that this is how I had to live my life to be a success. All my dreams were placed in a future place that seemed to float further away, oppose to getting any closer.

After a relatively short time my whole outlook has changed, and with it so has my future. Life is providing me with the tools and resources to achieve whatever I set my mind to. The same tools and resources that were always there, yet I had been living in such a way that they were hidden to me.

I am now learning to develop my dreams. My hopes and aspirations are still the same now as they always were. The only difference is that now I am building a bridge toward them instead of away from them. I am very grateful to the gift that I have received from working with Debbie. It is the gift of having your life in your hands, and taking responsibility and control of how it unfolds. I know now how much I was allowing other influences to dictate my path. Never again.

Dean Grimshawe
Bagshot, Surrey UK

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