Dehydrating foods

Now I do quite a lot of prepping, I believe in having an ability to take responsibility for myself if something happens to the environment around me and one of the things I have put in place is an ability to dehydrate any food that I don’t anticipate using and might go off. Brought up in a family that never wasted food, I hate to see this happen, so I dehydrate it and today I did a number of onions and potatoes.

It’s very easy to do, and all you need to do is store them in an air tight container or mylar bag after you have dried them out in a dehydrator, so that they can’t take in the moisture from the air.

I find these dehydrated foods are great for making soups and stews particularly in a slow cooker, perfect for those winter months. I always have too many courgettes and hate to waste them so I do this to them, ready to use during the winter months, or even at a later date than that, just in case as they say!


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