Eat real food

I spent the weekend in the company of an extraordinary man, a farmer, who out of adversity had managed to keep his farming successful by morphing it from dairy farming to building a successful brand incorporating what he grows, and now others grow for him.

From farm to fork literally, and the absolute focus was to provide a quality food product at an affordable price. This meant that the products don’t last on the shelves, you won’t see them in the supermarket, because they are created, and sent out to the client as they order. Food that is fresh from the farm, and because of that it tastes beautiful because it still is full of flavour from the ingredient it is made from, not from artificial flavourings, additives and sweeteners.

This farmer is focused on the quality of his food because he knows how important his food is for good health, no preservatives mean that it has a short shelf life, I’ve learnt over the years that the longer the shelf life of our food, the shorter our life is. Well, that’s how it seems for my clients.

Simply, food should be as unprocessed and fresh as possible, often we feel that we are eating what is termed natural foods, when in reality they are highly processed tongue entertainment junk, masquerading as food.

We are being hoodwinked into thinking highly processed foods are healthy at times, supporting real food producers is important if we are to have foods that support our health rather than destroying it bite by bite.

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