Elderberries are a great source of vitamins in particular vitamins C, and A, both of which are very good for respiratory tract infections. The berries from the Elderberry tree have been used as a popular remedy traditionally for colds, flu, and neuralgia, and this traditional usage has been supported by scientific research. The research found it to have disease-fighting compounds that bind with viruses before they can penetrate the walls of the cells, so it inhibits the ability of the virus to spread.

It is very helpful for muscle aching, fever, and coughing, and is non-toxic and safe for children to take.

Take it as a hot tea, which will help to promote sweating as well as soothing the tract if it’s feeling sore from coughing.

In ancient times elderberry trees were believed to have mystical properties and it was considered good luck to have one near your house, it would be very good luck because you could make your syrups from the berries. The seeds are toxic and don’t eat the berries unless they are cooked.

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