Food for Thought…what it looks like live!!

Here I am doing my radio show Food for Thought this Saturday, I know it looks nowhere near as glamorous as it sounds really, but this is the reason why I don’t run a clinic on a Saturday!

This week I talked about the Spleen, the audience asked for it the week before, and I said that I would cover it off. I ranted a little bit about Whole Foods Market, and then talked about one of the things I see a lot of which is chronic tiredness and fatigue. So a really varied show on the whole.

I love doing the show, all the technical support is carried out in the UK, Bournemouth via my Technical Support called Nik, who I always say is ‘riding shot gun with me’!! He makes sure all the music is queued up, that we are connected properly, all the sound levels are absolutely right, and that the guests can be heard. The servers and station is actually in Southern Ireland, and many of the hosts are all over the world, which is amazing, because I have friends now who are global that I’ve never met.

I tend to talk to the chat box a lot, answer their questions and laugh at their comments, which are often hilarious, I love them to bits. Do come and join us Saturdays 12 noon GMT time, www.tnsradio.ning.com, I am sharing my knowledge and having a laugh about all sorts of things.



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