Food Testing Omagh NI

There are 2 routes to be tested by the clinic for you to choose from:
  • Bioresonance – £49 per session
Every day people are living with stress in their body caused by allergies, food intolerances, nutritional deficiencies, and other environmental factors.

Asyra system naturopathy

Bioresonance testing allows you to understand your health in detail, allowing you to make key decisions on how to improve your health. It is non-invasive and is carried out quickly.

Bioresonance testing for food and digestive issues with the Asyra system can be carried out either as part of your session or just as a session on its own, and covers the following:

  • Food or environmental issues

Sensitivity testing

I can test for a number of different substances in our environment that create sensitivity, which gives you the information you need to understand what might be impeding your immune system. This is carried out in your session.
I can also arrange for a blood test to be carried out if that is preferred through Genova Labs, this incurrs a further cost payable directly to the lab.

Food Reactions

Tests for those foods that you are having a reaction to, and I can give advice on how to avoid them.

Environmental toxins

Tests for environmental toxins that may be stressing your body, including harmful energies, heavy metals, and gases.
Book in here for an appointment in Omagh Northern Ireland. 

Blood testing

If you prefer I can organise for you to have blood tests carried out with Genova Labs, this incurs a higher cost. Food Allergy or Sensitivity testing can both be organised through the clinic, discuss this with me to decide which is the right test for us to order for you.


Do you deal with other things?

Yes, I do work on other health issues, and some other conditions my clients come with are; skin issues; psoriasis, dermatitis, fertility, emotional issues, digestive issues, and hair loss. Just give me a ring and we can have a chat and see if it’s something I can help you with.

Can you work with me still if I can only do the consultation over Skype or the Phone?

Yes, I can and I work with a high number of my clients now like this please give me a ring to have a chat about whether that approach is suitable for you.

Call me on 020 82424893 and if I am unavailable please leave a message or email me and we can organise to chat.

Or book in using this link: Book in here for an appointment in Omagh Northern Ireland. 


Since seeing you my son seems to be more balanced and calmer, he isn’t getting as frustrated with things as easily and his appetite has increased. Thank you again.

Claire G Guildford Surrey

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