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I only suggest people or companies that either I’ve used myself or other clients have referred to me and who my clients, on the whole, have gained good results with, so you can use these suppliers with the confidence that if they are right for you, results should follow.

Supplements – tell them I sent you! 

Cytoplan supplements – Food state supplements that are my main supplier.  They have vegan supplements. Call 01684 310099 or click on the picture above.

The Natural Dispensary – A great online store who supplies all of the brands of supplements I suggest and toiletries, protein powders, and…well everything natural! Call on 01453 757792

Nutrivital Supplements – Food state supplements with a vegan focus, Thorne, Biotics, and Wild Nutrition brands can be bought through the above supplier.

doTerra lovely essential oils that I use myself every day in my own home and for my own health issues.


Groundology - Earthing for Health and EMF Protection

Earthing sheets I buy from Groundology, I gain great benefit from mine, as do some (not all though) of my clients.

DefenderShield Tablet Radiation Protection Case

Phone and laptop radiation shields Defender Shield proven technology

Nikken Water Filters – I use this myself, and find it’s a very good one that’s on the counter top. Distributor I use is Judith Reid 

IZettle is the funky bizarre payment machine that I use, it’s an alternative to merchant banking, far more cost effective than a regular payment machine and may suit some of you who take payments as I do.

Freshbooks is the accountancy system I use that’s so easy to use and it sends out the invoices via email. Your accountant can even hook in to see your reports!

My answering ladies and gents come from Answer.co.uk, and make my life easier to manage cost effectively.

Therapists and Health Professionals I trust completely and work in partnership with. 

Elvira Villarini – NLP  contact her on 01252 786 168

MASK Personal Trainers, Vanessa and Marc Golland are Personal trainers that are two of the best in the business. Call them on 01483 361119

Adam Buttery – Bowen and Reiki 01252 596678

Rosie Gardner Flourishing Health – Lymphatic Drainage Massage rosie@flourishinghealth.co.uk http://www.facebook.com/FlourishingHealth

tel: 07801 708 808 

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