Gary and Jackie – Scotland – Passport To Change Testimonial

A massive thanks to Debbie from www.deborahwalker.co.uk. I had several Phone consultations with her via skype in order to get to the bottom of our family dogs ailments. Our dog was diagnosed by our vet as having paralysed larynx and therefore was having breathing difficulties especially when she got excited. This condition can eventually lead to death.

Debbie asked me to send her some sample of the dogs hair, and ran some tests which yielded some surprising results. We discovered our pooch was allergic to potatoes, wheat flour products and dairy products (all of which we were feeding to her) so, as per advisement from Debbie we cut out all of those things in the dogs diet, Debbie then continued with further tests and sent us a remedy which we now faithfully add to our dogs diet..and I can tell you , Im glad and blessed that Debbie and myself made contact because our dog is now like a brand new dog, very rarely does she have any breathing difficulties and seems more content overall.

So a massive thanks to you Debbie from my wife and myself. You are a diamond in a field of rocks…much love and best wishes to you Debbie , and keep up the good work

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