I quite like a cool glass of Kombucha, at the end of the day although until recently you had to make it yourself. The art of sourcing and getting a Scoby was like passing on a great present to a good friend, in your heart you hoped they looked after it as well as you have.

Kombucha is effectively a fermented tea, it’s definitely gained popularity in the last few years, and I find it’s far more available to buy now than ever. There is an art to making it, keeping everything clean to prevent the wrong bacteria from becoming present and it becoming detrimental. But it’s very inexpensive as a healthy drinking alternative to make, and once you start I promise you that the Scoby will take over your life much like kefir grains do! One batch leads to another and before you know it, you have what looks like a small scale Kombucha brewery in your kitchen or side room in my case happening.

My scoby is very large now, they grow over time, and it’s currently the size of the jar it’s in, and something of a talking point for those visiting. I’ve been doing these things so long I never consider that there are still people who have no idea about this type of drink, or probiotic drinks in general.

But the University of Latvia did a review of the studies carried out into Kombucha and found that it supported detoxification, reduced oxidation, and as you would expect from a probiotic rich drink, improved immunity.

For keeping your health high this is clearly a good drink to include in your routine, in moderation and small amounts by the way. Follow good guidelines for making the fermented tea, you are clearly working with bacteria and fermentation after all, so act responsibly when making and drinking it.



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