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Nutrition and Naturopathy appointments in Omagh Northern Ireland are available as well as online appointments for those who are further afield. 

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Are you sick and tired of feeling ill all the time? Many of my clients were before seeing me.

Seeing a naturopathic nutritionist who food intolerance tests will transform your health naturally by using nutrition, cleansing, vitamins and minerals, in a long term sustainable way. 

Do you want to really experience good health naturally, and understand what that truly means, well my holistic naturopathic approach to nutrition can help you to restore you body back to good health, giving you energy and vitality that you have only dreamed about.

I will introduce you to natural lifestyle changes that are holistic in their approach, mixed with cutting edge alternative health technology that helps me identify exactly what is going on with your health.

There is no guess work, no tests, and it’s all done within the first session, with a high level of accuracy in resolving your health issues for the long term.

It gives you an individualised approach, that is totally tailored step by step for your body and the health issues you need to have addressed.

This can include the use of nutrition, cleansing techniques, homeopathy, herbs, flower remedies, and energy medicine. You get a series of simple to follow plans that enable you to realise great health again.

Change your life by changing your health, think about a time when you felt the healthiest, well the time is now, lets not waste any more time, lets restore your health, naturally today.

Book in here for an appointment in Omagh Northern Ireland

Use this link if you would like a phone or online appointment. 

A few reasons for using me as your naturopathic nutritionist…

1. Within 2 sessions your health, and energy levels may start to improve and you may see a noticeable difference just from making simple lifestyle and dietary changes.

2. You’ll learn how to resolve your own health issues, I educate all of my clients to look after their own health, this means low health care costs in the long term.

3. You can have more sustained energy to do all of those things you currently feel too tired to do.

4. It can  turn back the clock on ageing, look and feel younger.

5. You will feel in control of your own health choices and the changes you want to make with it. You will feel empowered.

6. You’ll wonder why you didn’t come sooner, like all of my clients, just see the testimonials!

7. You are getting someone who walks their talk, I live and breathe it, and keep up to date with the latest research.

8. You get a practitioner who looks you in the face not at their computer during the session, who listens, and gives you more than 5 minutes of their time to consider your health condition in detail.

9. If you are totally unhappy about what you have received during the session and you think it wasn’t worth the money, tell me and I won’t charge you, and I will gift you the information for free. Yes you will get the session totally free if you really felt that it was a waste of your time, so it’s at no risk to yourself coming to see me.

This approach leaves you with long term sustainable good health, a bit like a private health care plan except it’s totally natural and holistic.

Contact me for a free no obligation 20 minute chat about how I can help you resolve your health issues.

The cost of sessions in Omagh Northern Ireland is £57 and are for 1 hour and include a treatment plan.

Book in here for an appointment in Omagh Northern Ireland

Use this link if you would like a phone or online appointment so we can discuss your needs. 

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