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There are several things that can really work with health, and most of us know its changing to healthier wholefood diets, reducing stress levels, eating less if not no junk, removing sugar, removing allergens, reducing alcohol, stopping smoking, and getting to bed on time. But you really don’t get well unless you make these changes, and make them consistently. Now I’m in a lucky position because by the time my clients have found me they are more or less prepared to do anything I ask them to do to gain back the health they have lost, and so they move pretty quickly on the whole into implementation mode.

My plans are robust, step by step, and give the next pieces of advice which allows my clients the chance to work it around their lifestyles, they aren’t totally prescriptive because I like my clients to explore and experience the joy of finding the new foods for themselves. But for some of them it takes a lot to do this, and this is what inspires me, because of how so many of them move out of their comfort zones with their diets, the types of foods they are eating, and the cleansing techniques which are often very alien nowadays to most people. We all know it takes a lot to make such commitment to change, and consistent change at that which can and in the majority of cases does change their lives. But it means feeling the fear, moving away from old habits that are comfortable, and it means coming to terms with the why’s behind why they might be doing something which is destructive for their health.

Implementation is all about commitment to change, moving through and outside of your comfort zone, it’s all about becoming clear on the end goals of why you are doing it, and having the courage to do it. It’s seeing the end picture, and knowing it will all be worth it, and that the benefits outweigh how much it might be difficult at first. So many people give up, mainly because of not thinking it through, their lack of planning, and because they couldn’t be bothered with how difficult the changes were, so they go back to the status quo.

To be successful in health, and wellbeing and to have optimal health that leaves you energised when you wake, have the vitality all day to take on the world and his wife, and then still be left with a tiger in the tank in the evening to take part in the pastimes you love takes focus. It means that those things that take you away from them, are no longer on the radar, they don’t even get onto the radar, because they don’t help you to get to your end destination. One of my clients recently said to me how it took so much of their time now to get their health back, I nodded in agreement, it was taking everything she now had to restore it, because she hasn’t put any focus on it for nearly 40 years, and it had caught up with her, when you run the tank on near empty it’s inevitable. Now she was 100% committed to making it happen, and it was often difficult, and far outside of what made her comfortable. Was she benefiting, yes, in just a few months she was already experiencing changes in her health and was now looking to a future of having her own business, something just a few months ago she couldn’t of even contemplated because getting to the clinic was tiring for her!

For anything you want to achieve you need to want to move out of your comfort zone, and be prepared to implement the changes, with consistency, because it’s that consistency that can make all the difference. Many people just want to take a supplement, or take the quick fix option, and hope that this is going to make all the difference, for a lucky handful this can be the case. For the rest, it takes commitment and focus to create optimal health, or any true success with health, people are inspired by others who make the commitment that they can’t make themselves, who get up and do it.

Just do it, small things can make massive health change.

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