New Year New You 2013

Today is a funny one for you, but with a serious slant about eating your 5 a day if not more like 12!

The government guidelines for eating 5 a day are woefully low in regards to what our bodies truly need. They are set with a consideration of what they know people currently consume, which is nearer 1.75 a day, and how big a stretch it would be for them, and also it has no scientific basis behind the amount. No science shows that 5 a day is any where near enough.

So if you have fallen off the wagon, now is the time to get back on, I’m going off to do one of my daily habits and that’s to get 5 in a glass of juice which I make time to do everyday! If I do a smoothie as well that will be at least 8 -10 then the other 5 are in my salad and are green!

If I can  do it then so can you, your energy will soar and your body will thank you for it.

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