New Year New You Day One set your intention

In 2012 I achieved more than I could of imagined with 5 awards, a published book and my own weekly radio show, and so I thought I would share some of the things that do to make those things happen to me. This is a whole months worth of inspiration to get your year off to a rocking start. Enjoy. x

New Year New You Day One set intention to succeed.

A new programme to help you with your new years resolution.

New year new you

Are you planning on setting a health resolution that you really want to stick to this year? Is this the year that you actually change things for yourself and get the energy and vitality you deserve? Did you know that on top of being a cracking naturopathic nutritionist I am also a great coach? Many of my clients have already achieved major health and life successes since working with me and you could too.

So I’ve set up an 8 week kick start programme that helps you start off the new year with a real bang, to get you going in the right direction to help you through January and February.

This is for you…

  • if you have set new years resolutions before and by January 2nd already have forgotten about them!
  • if by January 7th you are back on the old bandwagon and kicking yourself about letting yourself down
  • are really serious about changing your health and wellbeing this year and want to get cracking on it
  • are fed up with your health being the way it is.

Research shows that within 14 days most people have already not succeeded in their new years resolution, so make your year different in 2013 by getting some key support from myself.

The programme includes:

  • 4 x 1.5 hour health and wellbeing coached sessions carried out once a fortnight during January and February
  • either face to face in Guildford Surrey, or over Skype contact the choice is yours
  • full health screening and follow up screenings allowing you to understand your progress
  • full diet analysis before and after
  • on track in between emails with me
  • advice and guidance on how to move forward step by step towards your new years resolution
  • understand the right foods, diet, mental attitude that will help you to achieve long term great health
  • stop wasting money on junk supplements and let me focus you on the right ones that will make a difference

The cost of this is £540 which if you consider my normal hourly rate is a saving. But you have to commit and pay in full by December 12th to gain this price.

After December 12th the price goes up to £630 which is nearer to the true cost of working with me but still a saving if you were to have the analysis, and screening carried out separately.

Just yesterday one of my clients said “this has been worth every penny, I already feel so different just from speaking to you”. That was their first session! They have only just started working with me, the possibilities are huge for that individual to achieve change, and you can experience the same thing by working with me.

I have 4 spaces left on this programme, so don’t take too long to book in because 6 have gone just in this week due to me talking to clients about it. So if you know of someone who would benefit from this kind of kick start to their year, why not tell them all about me!

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