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Spring into Spring

Spring the time for cleansing

Time to birth a new you it really is, and there is no time like the present to be doing this. Time to play, dance, and create your dance….for the coming year. I know everyone else has had you thinking that change happens in January, and even I did a new year new you focus, but the true time for creating change in my calendar is Spring and around the Equinox which has just gone.

So it’s time to follow your inspiration, as your energy now starts to increase it’s time to act on your ideas, and really allow them to take flight. Explore and have fun with it, don’t let your conscious mind stop you from taking your dreams to those places which make you think blimey can I really do that, don’t worry about that aspect of thing, because you probably can do more than you think!! In fact that’s generally my own experience that I get in my own way, and when I get out of it, I achieve more than I’ve ever imagined!!

Time to sit down and take a look at your life, and plan the grand design, and have fun, my main mantra nowadays is this helping me to have fun and enjoy my life. It’s not to be difficult or hard, and goals are not meant to be unenjoyable to do on a daily basis, no they are meant to add every day to your life, and your learning about yourself. If you aren’t having fun doing them then why are you doing them? It’s never about the end point it’s about the journey there, and Spring is the time to cleanse those things out that aren’t adding in a positive way, and add those things that are.


What do I want to change?

What is in my life that I want to have differently?

How do I want it to be different?

What is it time to clear? Environment, health, relationships, career, spiritually?

What do you want to see happen this year? During each season? What are your goals?

Plant the seeds of change….time to put actions into place to make it all happen.

Health plan cleansing

Wood element all about structure, making sure at the roots things are being made strong, so create a plan of action each day that allows you to make strong roots.

Look at improving your flexibility, making sure the structure of the body is strong, consider doing a bit of yoga, several of my clients and myself swear by it, and yoga can help with cleansing, perfect.

Support your thinking with cleansing foods, fruits and vegetables particularly green juices are highly cleansing, juicing can really help, lemon in your water or as a dressing on your salads, and keep it simple!! Sprouted foods are lovely at this time of year, consider eating new growth each time you take a mouthful.

Take time to relax, it’s not about pushing it’s about allowing, it’s not about organising, it’s about being organised so that you have time. Enjoy relaxing and having fun doing nothing, dreaming and whiling away your time, honestly it’s ok to do that!!

The mornings are important at this time, focus on rising energised, and if you aren’t look at your sleeping patterns to address any tiredness or nausea in the morning. Having proper sleep is absolutely key to being able to properly cleanse your body.

Time to consider doing consider doing lymphatic work, neurolymphatic points daily, skin brushing and hot and cold showers, and remove that muscle fatigue and weakness, these all invigorate the body, helping to keep it moving, and cleansing. Consider adding enemas or a colonic into the mix, and cleanse out the bowel area.

If you aren’t dealing with a blood sugar issue, pregnant, or under 18 then consider doing a fast on a Saturday night from 6pm to 6pm Sunday night for 4 weeks to give the digestion a break. The digestion takes up a large amount of energy and lightening things up for the day can help your body to cleanse and heal, and it’s a great way to quickly see what you are addicted to food wise.

Enjoy springing into Spring.


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