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Squeaky clean client tips!!

Hi Debs,

Here are some more recipes that I use at home:

Bicarb for cleaning just about everything – add a bit of vinegar for the tough bits.

Clean glass with washing up liquid and vinegar then dry with newspaper for a perfect finish.

Pour coca-cola down the toilet and leave overnight to dissolve limescale.

Quick and easy shampoo & conditioner which leaves hair lovely and shiny and tangle free (I used to use this when I had long hair so I know it works!!):

Mix up bicarb and water into a thin mixture and rub all through the hair, rinse well.  Repeat if necessary.

Put two tablespoons of applecidar vinegar in one litre of warm water and slowly pour through hair.  Leave for a minute then rinse through (or you can leave it for extra shine).

You can also use the bicarb as an all-over body wash and you won’t need deodorant!

Gemma Guildford Surrey

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