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Start your day as you mean it to continue on a nutritional high.

The norm in our society for breakfast has become so bizarre it’s hard to comprehend at times, on a visit to the local supermarket I spent a few moments in the queue staring at the trolley of foods being unloaded in front of me. They had been spending a lot of their time shopping for bread and breakfast cereal, and as I looked around, I noticed that they weren’t alone in their choice of purchases, in fact it was me that was out of place. I wasn’t packing the latest in sugar enriched cereal with a chocolate filling, but with added vitamins and minerals, and apparently all natural. I no longer wondered why the children that were with these families were finding it hard to stand still, with all that sugar, I’d of found it hard to stand still as well. Yet these families probably thought they were doing nothing wrong, in fact the packaging was clear about how natural these products were, and yes sugar and chocolate even I have to admit are natural.

But that doesn’t make them wrapped in breakfast cereal good for you!

There has been a slow encroaching of cereals into our breakfast as the starter for the day, along with the UK staple of a couple of rounds of toast, we find ourselves helping ourselves to a bowl of highly processed and now laden with sugar cereal. These choices are a fast way of eating and will lead to a fast declining level of health and here is why. Bread, cereal, and processed flours, contain gluten which is a complete nightmare for the digestive tract, it gives an adverse range of reactions, creating a heightened immune response, and is an important trigger in Auto Immune Disease, something I think you will notice that the packet doesn’t tell you! Obviously that’s not one of the finer selling points! Wheat grains are rich in opiates, and the research on gluten clearly shows links that the brain, nerves and mind are all damaged by it, and to long term mental illness.

So by breakfast you may have managed to cause an immune response in your body, which it is now fighting for at least the next 6 hours, then it mentally dulls you, and is potentially damaging your neurotransmitters, not particularly useful if you are needing your brain to make fast decisions.

Have I convinced you yet to ditch the bread and cereal, and buy fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and natural foods that you can identify yourself? Why not start off your day with a smoothie, mixed with any supplements you are taking, throw some nuts in, or even make it with nut milk, try blending in some micro-greens, and green leafy vegetables even. Ditch the bread and cereal and opt for a power packed nutrient rich breakfast and I promise you that your thinking will improve, your energy will sky rocket, and you will improve your absorption of nutrients giving you stronger nails, better skin tone, and stronger bones.

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