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Taking responsibility for what is happening!!

This week I had 2 inspiring interviews with amazing people on their journey’s through cancer, outlining the things they were doing to support themselves. How inspiring and just incredible the changes and journey they have gone on, but one of the key things that came out of that for me, was their own beliefs about what they not only could but also be the key person behind resolving their health picture. They didn’t just take one perspective from one person they went off to find their own way through what was happening to them, they took responsibility for making decisions, and then got on and took action, and I think that is a key factor in both of their healing journeys.

Ill health is the biggest indicator your body can give you that your life needs to change, and change for the better. If your body has got to the point of pain, disease, and permanent discomfort you have probably been ignoring indicators for years if I’m honest. The head in the sand approach is not a healthy one really to be taking, but more often than not people will tell me during case taking how they have suffered from XY&Z for years.

Nothing in your body happens without a reason, there will have been an action that has led to the reaction in your body, sometimes that factor is hard to stomach that in many cases it’s your fault, and ignoring it has made you worse!

What really stood out for me with Beata and Keith was how they both had the strength to take responsibility, many people hand over responsibility for their health to others. Considering that it is others that have to now come along with the answers to heal them and then they take no part in it themselves. And it’s hard at times to come to terms with the fact like Beata said, her diet and life style had caused her cancer, the way she had lived had created it. Keith decided he was rather attached to his lung, and I can understand that! Because of that he decided to take another route.

That is powerful stuff to take responsibility and look at your body as a whole, not as a part or thing that is happening, and deal with the underlying issues, it takes massive awareness. So many people consider that cancer is in their genes, or that they are just unlucky, that their family have had it so they are going to, I rarely believe that, I believe that our body reflects the life we are living, lived and what we are doing to it or have done to it. Gene expression can be changed through dietary changes, and by changing how we think, which is how come taking responsibility can be such a powerful healing tool in itself.

The potential for change is amazing, the body is continually regenerating itself on a moment by moment basis, this means for me that nothing has to stay the same, or potentially even get worse, you can change everything, absolutely everything in an instance by taking responsibility for what is happening. But that takes a total belief in your potential for what you want to create. What do you want to create with your health, these guys today believed they wanted to live a full and happy life and that they deserved it, they took the bull by the horns and got on with it. I say all the time how my clients inspire me with their ability to heal, and change, they make incredible changes when faced with adversity, living totally inspiring lives, by taking responsibility.

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