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Thinking influences health

A really interesting piece of research has been just published in the New England Journal of Medicine. 2012 April 5th, which outlines how the diagnosis from the medical system of cancer can actually be as lethal as the cancer itself. It showed how the diagnosis dramatically increased the risk of the patient committing suicide, or having a heart related death in the week following being told.

In many cases the analysis showed that the opinion and attitude of the doctor significantly impacted on the belief of their patient, because the patient will consider them to be the expert in the relationship and putting their faith in how the doctor had positioned their diagnosis in the long term.
Years ago I listened to a lecture from NLP creator Richard Bandler and in it he talked about how he had been extremely angry with the doctors when his wife was diagnosed as not being able to recover from an illness she had, he felt that this doctor was programming her mind to react negatively and effectively have no hope of recovery.  He took his wife out of the hospital, and worked with on her health and then took her back within the year to the doctor who had diagnosed her because she had recovered, fully.
Bruce Liptons research work shows also that what you think influences your cells and how they reproduce themselves on a moment by moment basis, his work is profound because it really does show how your thinking is key to how healthy you are. I agree with this, 80% of the work I do is often about mindset, and as a naturopath I believe that the body has the capacity to heal everything, and it just needs the right things in place to do it.
This week I did a talk to 4N Ripley, near Woking about how within one year your body has replaced about 70% of itself, and what you eat, drink and think now are all have an effect on this happening, look back to a year ago, what were you eating, drinking and thinking because it has predominantly made the body you are sitting in now. The medical establishment until now rarely will accept that what you think matters in regards to your health, but this piece of research shows how it truly can.

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