Who you surround yourself with matters

I walk my talk in everything I do, I live it completely, so that when others say they are finding it difficult to implement the areas of health I am suggesting, I can explain how I went about making sure that health, was a key part of my life.

But for me it’s not only health that matters, but also making sure I am always developing my mind, is another important area and that is by not just reading or attending training but also by surrounding myself with others for me to learn from. So with this in mind I have made sure that I am now working with others who have the same intention in business as me, and this last week I have rocked meeting and working with some fabulous people.

Firstly here I am with Lisa Arthur Entrepreneur of the Month in the Godalming area for EC, a great group of inspiring business owners. She came over to meet me properly and brought the lovely Doug the Dog with her to meet my Frost Dog, what’s so lovely about working for yourself is how you can meet other business owners and it can be so informal, yet so productive. She agreed to come on the show to talk about gut health because she is a colon hydrotherapist, perfect complement to what I do!

Then to end my week I worked with my new masterminds…Lucy Matthews from Marvellous PR, Keith Hern International speaker and travel photographer, Jenny from Amazing Maisons, and Neil Humphries from Studio Maximus. A cracking day of challenging us to set 90 day plans and goals to move our businesses forward.

This is how to surround yourself with those people who want you to succeed in what ever you are doing whether it’s health or business, these types of people can be the difference between you feeling good about what you are doing, and not.







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