Your biology reflects your beliefs.

Now Rupert Sheldrake in his book A New Science of Life emphasises that molecular biology isn’t false, but its just limited perspective on the way our body actually works…and I am inclined to agree with this. The more I work with my beautiful clients, the more they confound me in how there is no set way to get well, there never is one size fits all, like the allopathic medical people tend to use. He compares this to understanding how a TV works, traditional biology examines the hardware of the TV set, trying to see how the picture is formed but ignores the crucial software the invisible wave transmissions that we all give out from every cell in our body.

At the quantum level everything is interconnected, its like an interwoven pattern, like a carpet that is weaving its pattern in front of you as you dance through life. What I am learning and seeing with my clients is that consciousness and what you think plays a far more crucial role in the physical reality that you create with health than anything else you can do for yourself. You can not have the luxury of a negative thought to name a book title but it’s absolutely true,

What is really interesting is that I am seeing health in the body like a play that we have created around us to play out our conscious and unconscious thinking, everything is a message, nothing is happening by accident to you, the people who come in to support you with it are not observers, only participants to help you learn to live your life as you are creating it.

Sir James Jean who was a physicist back in the 1930’s he said that the universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine, so who’s thoughts do we want them to be? A funny question maybe, but I read recently that the majority of your thoughts are not your own. Whose reality are we focusing on then if these are not our thoughts particularly about our health? Questions that come up for me are why would you create this if it is painful in some way, causing you dis-ease? What is the learning for you with this? Because if this is a big playground that we create, why would we be who we are, why would we be what we are, why do what we do, and experience what we are experiencing?

Science sees the world as purely physical, it pooh poohs the non physical, yet I see that side of the work I do with clients working everyday in my practise. Reality moulds itself on our beliefs, our thinking, whether it’s consciously or unconsciously happening, no longer when something isn’t going as I want it to do I think why me? I say what was I thinking to have created that in my reality, what is it I am meant to be learning from it? I’m no longer held captive by negative thinking, instead I free myself with questions on what do I want instead? Then I shift my energies toward thinking that way, and knowing that everything that comes into my field of consciousness has to be helping me towards that goal. Like a carpet I can see then how to weave the new pattern in, and yes I can see that we go backwards sometimes, but I see it as a pattern that I wove, and when it is more fractured in it’s patterning that is when my thinking of the past or the things that are not supporting me have crept in.

Imagine you are unrolling your life, health etc. out in front of you like a carpet, and imagine everything you eat drink and think is creating that amazing pattern on that carpet, you will dance along that carpet every day. Now depending on the pattern it can be painful, or exhilarating, joyful or unhappy. Meditate on the pattern you are creating, how repetitive is the pattern of what you don’t want? This resonates through every cell of your body, I find that when I do resonance screening I can see emotions and trauma, illness and negative thinking all from the past resonating through the cells. This creates how you are experiencing your body now, it’s the only vehicle you have to experience your life through, therefore what you eat drink and think totally matters for that to be the best experience ever.

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