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A new clinic location!!

I know, as if I’m not busy enough I have decided to set up a third location for you to book into, and it’s in Cork Ireland. So great if you fancy a holiday in Ireland and seeing me there, and wonderful if you are based in that part of Ireland. I am currently in the process of building up a waiting list of people, and will be aiming to be up and running by July, once a month initially, so appointments will be like gold dust and the earlier you book with me the more likely you will be to get an appointment. Give me a ring if you are interested with the number at the top of the website to talk about a booking.

I will have all my equipment with me, the Asyra, and the BCX Ultra, as well as the normal range of supplements from Cytoplan, Energetix, and Nutrivital, but I also have added a few additions just recently Freelytes which are proving to be a firm favourite in my household, which are from Vitality Distribution. After sampling them myself, we have seen incredible improvements in our health and energy levels and so I’m stocking it. It’s a electrolyte mixture using fulvic acid and so perfect if you are a sports enthusiast particularly during the summer season.

The other addition are supplements and cleansing herbs from Wild Nutrition, these are a small company based in West Sussex developed by Henrietta Norton a nutritional therapist specialising in Fertility and womens health, the range is exciting to say the least and I can’t wait to get using it with you all.

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