Allergy Screening and Remedies

I know it’s the time of year when the pollen starts causing runny noses, and streaming eyes. Nothing worse than trying to work or study with the distraction of just feeling rotten with sore nose and eyes. Well don’t forget that one of the things I regularly deal with are allergens of all sorts, not only can I screen you to help identify exactly whats going on, I can also give you natural health advice to combat it in the long run.

I run 45 minute sessions, some before work, school or uni to help you fit them in, they are quick and non invasive so perfect and really easy to do. It can take more than one visit to truly knock the allergen on it’s head completely but many of my clients see resolution with just one session.

You get:

A allergen screening covering foods, environmental toxins, pollen, and geopathic stressors.

A homeopathic tailored remedy designed by the Asyra

Extra natural health advice on how to combat the allergen in the long term if other factors are involved.

The price is £67.50

Either book in by giving me a call or emailing me directly or even easier is to click here and book yourself in directly in my on line booking system, leaving your email address so we can send you the clinic address and confirmation. Click here for online diary booking. 

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