Rife Frequency Sessions

Dr Rife discovered that viruses and bacteria could be eliminated using their own frequencies. His work was pioneering for it’s time. The frequencies enter the body and the cells, and are said to devitalise the virus, leaving the healthy tissue unharmed.

I make no claims about what this machine can do, and you must do your own research on whether it is right for you. Please Mr Google Royal Rife, and Rife frequencies to learn more about this type of approach.

Sessions on this machine are always part of a longer plan and I won’t work with you with this machine without carrying out a full initial consultation.

BCX sessions are from £45 for 30 minutes to £60.00 for a 45- 55 minute session after the initial consultation, due to the regularity needed of these treatments I will agree a reduced price for booking monthly or weekly blocks or 2 or more.

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