Amanda Weller Interview

logoThis week on Food for Thought whilst on my travels I interviewed Amanda Weller a therapist who practices Body Talk in Surrey, a fascinating therapy which uses kinesiology and energy work to bring balance back to the body. After one session for my frozen shoulder I felt a lightness and a confidence to start to move what had been a very painful area of my body! She explains what Body Talk is, and how she practises it to aid peoples health. Totally non invasive. Click here to listen

BodyTalk works with the understanding that if everything in your body is in good communication with everything else, then your body and mind will be functioning well. But when these lines of communication break down for whatever reason, for example due to stress, trauma, physical injury, fears etc., that is when symptoms start to show up.
BodyTalk uses muscle testing, light hand contacts, and gentle tapping (an ancient Hatha Yoga technique) to initiate subtle electrical currents in the body. This is achieved by using the latest advances from quantum physics, clinical studies and energy medicine to help reset the nervous system out of “fight or flight mode” into a healing mode, re-establishing lines of healthy communication between the systems of the body.

No two sessions are the same. Each one is uniquely determined by what is appropriate at that particular time, and the effects of the sessions are cumulative. As a result, healing through BodyTalk can be deep and lasting.

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