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worldwide-clairvoyant-reading-uk1Amy Garner Soul support for Change Makers – women in the role of healer.

Monday 28th September 8pm on Natural Health Radio. Natural Health Radio

I welcome onto the show this week Amy Garner who is a psychic, palm reader, intuitive, healer, and educator, who offers Soul Support for Change Makers.

Amy talks about becoming an intuitive and psychic, how she started by doing readings of palms at parties and built up her experience in Covent Garden in London to where she is today.

Soul Support is a mixture of these intuitive arts, giving guidance to those who want to step into a higher level of themselves using wisdom and healing.

A fascinating interview where we not only discuss her own approach that she has developed, but also the history of the these arts, and how they have continued despite suppression. From learning about how it’s still considered entertainment to how Henry VIII outlawed these lay healers, to how medical researchers are now studying skin patterns (dermatoglyphics) to help understand health, character, psychological states, highlighting how these art’s are slowly being integrated in their own way into modern day science.

We discuss how these arts although often misunderstood in regards to what they can offer are essentially wound through our culture and psyche, often not spoken about but used which keep it thriving.

Amy is one of the modern wise women who as far as she’s concerned have taken back the term ‘witch’, using their wisdom and internal intuition that so many of us have but just fear to use.

Listen in on 8p Monday 28th September and the rest of the week, Wednesday at 8pm and Saturday at 9.30pm.

Find Amy here www.amygarner.co.uk

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