Andrea Morrison interview

DSC_0374On Wednesday at 2pm we have the first of Deborah’s Food for Thought shows, she’s now live on Friday nights for half of her show, so if you want to experience her live wire, high energy then tune in then as well.

This weeks interview is with Andrea Morrison, three years ago Andrea had it all, a great career as a Barrister, three beautiful children that she had battled infertility to conceive, lovely house, great husband, but the reality was a stark contrast. ‘I was working long hours and travelling the length and breadth of the country, I was separated most days from my children and my father had recently passed away. In November 2008 I ended up with Pneumonia and by 2010, I had developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I now know that was the best thing to have happened to me, as I finally had to stop and think, this gave me the chance to become the person I wanted to be’.

Andrea has taken these lessons from her journey and put them in an easy to follow book called Feel Good Factor in 30 Days. As Andrea tells us, ‘by taking lots of small actions in your life, you can make big changes to your levels of happiness, and Blue Monday is a great day to start taking action’. Listen in to hear her story about her journey to great health shared with Deborah.

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