Barbara Wren Interview 9th April 2014

670611_9cea7b47f8114bb3a9f9e73a2bd0ae30.jpg_srz_p_200_220_75_22_0.50_1.20_0For the past 35 years, Barbara Wren has been searching for insights into who we really are and how our bodies work. She has been teaching and lecturing for the past 27 years, showing people a different approach to wellness through nutrition and healing techniques. Barbara has always believed that empowering individuals through contacting their own inner wisdom is the only true way back to wholeness and happiness within the universal laws and rhythms. She is the founder of the College of Natural Nutrition in the UK.

This interview with Barbara looks at her influences that have led her to develop the philosophy she has now written about, practised for nearly 40 years. She talks about her latest book Our Return to the Light: A New Path to Health and Healing, her amazing new book published by Hay House, which is the follow on book from Cellular Awakening: How Your Body Holds and Creates Light. She talks about how she believes how nutritional teaching has lost it’s way most recently, and is not taking into consideration the spirituality which would be part of Eastern teachings. Her teachings are full of empowering the individual to understand their health and what has led to it being the way it is, enabling them to not only rebalance their body but also access their wisdom and ultimately consciousness. Nutrition is to raise the vibration of the individual, understanding how important it is in the quest to finding ourselves, and realising our true potential. It’s not about optimal performance, it’s about realising enlightenment, and enabling our bodies to be full of light, hence the name of her latest book. A truly amazing teacher.



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