Chocolate kefir!

20150108_094420Well if you don’t know about my love of raw chocolate by now you never will, like most women it’s one of my favourite foods, and I tend to eat raw!

Raw chocolate powder makes me at least feel that I’m getting more nutrients from the drink, magnesium is just one of those that we all know about, but chocolate contains PEA which gives us the feel good factor…bliss! It’s what we feel when we fall in love…and I love cacao! LOL

Another reason we tend to feel good when we eat chocolate is because of the effect it has on our serotonin, so I love a nice chocolate shake, totally natural of course!

1 tablespoon raw cacao powder

2 cups of cashew nut milk

1 tablespoon of coconut kefir

1 teaspoon of xylitol if you need it sweetened

1 teaspoon of lecithin to make it even creamier!

Blend and drink…enjoy, put your feet up, and meditate on how great life is when you have chocolate in it.







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