Cleansing happens continually

It’s interesting when we start to think of our bodies as carriers of much of the same waste that is in our environment, just take a moment to reflect on that and what we are doing around us that could be creating a problem with our own body. If you disagree with this comment, well DDT is still found in breast milk, and how long ago was that banned? Our bodies are a reflection of what is happening in our environment and when I think about that personally I see a wider environment struggling with its own cleansing, it’s cycles are out of sync in many respects, we are getting extremes of weather, and it’s very different than when I was a child.

Obviously, our internal waste is not in such concentrations as we would find in our environment, well I would hope not, but the body does have to be able to cope well with it.

When we start to lose our energy levels and then our vitality for life, our body’s main filtering systems for enabling the removal of this waste are becoming or have become congested. Saturated in some respects by the waste that we are now trying to metabolise. The kidney and adrenals help supply energy for the body and the liver helps to regulate energy, by congesting them we are not supporting these processes which give us good health and good immunity levels.

They work pretty tirelessly for our body to keep it as clear as it can be on a daily and moment by moment basis. They struggle when we are continually stressed from our modern lifestyles, eating foods that we are intolerant to, eating denatured pseudo-foods, and not being hydrated enough and thinking tea and coffee are the answer.

When the body has to focus a lot on the toxicity that we are taking in due to diets that are suboptimal, preservatives, chemicals, excesses of foods, and our toiletries, the body is left having to manage with what is left over of it’s energy levels for the day to day processes it needs to do. So we are creating a burden. The higher the load the higher the pain, discomfort, inflexibility, weight issues, and health issues there will be. So considering supporting these 2 organs is important during this time and as we move towards the Spring Equinox.

Cleansing happens continually and will happen if you have the right diet, and lifestyle in place, short cleanses can help focus us on what we should be doing to enable this to happen, to allow us to understand how energetic the body can really feel, but they are not the sole answer. A whole lifestyle approach is needed so that this can enable the body to feel the way it’s truly meant to.

You have to support the ongoing efforts of your body to do this, we are more often than not getting in its way. Allow flow, allow change, allow beautiful natural foods to become more prominent in your life, and become as chemical free as you can. Include movement to help move the waste and clear the mind. Why? Because cleansing isn’t about what you eat and drink, it’s also about what you think, because what we think affects our behaviour.

We are seeing a lot of reduced immunity issues, immunity failures in some respects and this is because we are not doing what we need to do to keep ourselves well, and when we do the right things the body can stop the congestion and cleanse itself efficiently. This also will support the environment, because by not taking in those denatured foods that tend to use pesticides and are riddled with chemicals, we are not adding to the burden that the environment is experiencing itself.

I was asked recently what is the best thing I can do for my body, well just don’t put the rubbish in in the first place, in reality, a healthy or healthier lifestyle isn’t rocket science.

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