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I contacted Debbie because I had been suffering from joint pain (knees, hips, hands, feet) for over a year and couldn’t find the answer. I was suffering from what seemed to be arthritis at the age of 44 and was very down about it as well as in pain. I had the usual set of blood tests and all returned normal – which was good, and also bad. If it’s not arthritis then what is this? Debbie was great. She listened, made loads of notes, tested me on her amazing machine and immediately set about developing an action plan to get me back to full health. The plan involved changes to diet, introducing supplements and occasional homeopathic remedies. Within a few months my symptoms had disappeared. There is more to say about the treatment plan Debbie designed but it’s enough to say that she is extremely caring, knowledgeable and committed to her patients. I was a bit bowled over by her confidence in her ability to fix me but was also delighted that she was so sure. It gave me hope that I’d get better in time. Thank you so much.
Kenny McKenzie Surrey December 2016
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