Client review

“Being finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2012, I was desperate to find an alternative way for healing than being given anti-inflammatory steroids and medication by my GP. 

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Deborah Walker, who for the last six years has been my mentor. Starting with monthly sessions – either in person or over the Internet – she gave me the encouragement and the tools to conquer this chronic disease by teaching me how to eat properly and to listen to my body. I now report into Deborah quarterly, as a matter of routine, as I am able to manage my condition and if I have the odd flareup, I know it is self-inflicted…! I travel a lot and touch wood, I haven’t even had a cold now for certainly two winter seasons!

Deborah looks after all my family. She is 100% discreet, reliable and knowledgeable. I put my complete trust in her and we work well as a team. I am constantly recommending her to others, as I can honestly say that she has transformed my life….. 

…..A word of note perhaps worth mentioning;  you have to be 100% honest, upfront and dedicated if you want success and have patience, as miracles don’t happen overnight….! “

Emily Tulloch February 2019

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