Day 21 New Year New You

I love juicing, its one of my daily disciplines that I do without fail, well unless I have no electricity! But seriously the benefits I saw so quickly from adding green vegetable juice into my life were astonishing and therefore I have made it into one of the things I always take time to have.

And that is the thing, the energy I get back from juicing is more than I need to get me through washing it up afterwards, well into the night, in fact lots of people ask me all the time where do I get all my energy from, well it’s from walking my talk, living life as I want to but also adding a juice everyday.

I love the greens so much that I go foraging for them, in the right seasons often adding dandelions, and nettles, wild foods give juice a massive kick, and you don’t need anywhere near as much of them as you do normal shop bought vegetables, so the Surrey and Guildford countryside is my wild foraging shopping arena!

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