Sue Baxter- Passport To Change Testimonial

My chiropractor Pat mentioned Debbie to me; she is the naturopath that works alongside Pat. Debbie also carries out energy work. I knew that I was responsive to energy work as I had experienced Reiki, Shiatsu, cranial/sacrum work and had a few sessions of other energy related work to help with spine and muscle issues. I am a firm believer that we can trap issues in our cells which can cause illness. If we do not resolve issues the emotions can remain, unresolved within our bodies.

I mentioned to her that I was scratching my back in my sleep. The shoulder where Pat had been treating me for pain. I was wondering if something was trying to get out, as mad as that may sound. Debbie noticed immediately that I was hunched over and as though I was carrying a huge weight upon my shoulders.

We clicked immediately and I knew she would be great to work with. We went straight into some energy work which Debbie says is unusual at a first session. For me it seemed absolutely right and she knew it. I had been having feelings of sadness welling up inside me, I had no idea what these related to and having never been the depressive type this was unusual. I didn’t feel depressed or even ‘down’, it just crept up on me surprising me with its intensity but I couldn’t let it out. Debbie enabled me to let some of this out while we worked together this first time. I felt an enormous release and have been able to let more go since using her technique and now I don’t even need to do that it comes out naturally.

At our first session Debbie discovered that I was chronically dehydrated. She explained that maybe some of the scratching wasn’t emotion getting out but could also be toxins trying to find a way out too. I didn’t have enough hydration in my bowel to process this waste so another way out was being sought.

I saw Debbie a couple more times, each time she sent me off with a personalised remedy to take, she monitored my body to see how my hydration was progressing and noted one time that I had a sinus problem. I didn’t at the time however a week later I had terrible tooth pain and a speedy extraction – this was a top tooth with a root into my sinuses.

Debbie recommended some supplements to take and I seem to have a more ‘balanced’ feeling in me. We worked in our final session on nutrition. She had been asking me to up my water intake from our first session and was able to confirm that now I was hydrated. I now drink about a litre and a half to two litres of water each day and make myself smoothies each day into which I empty my supplement capsules. The result of taking in more fruit and especially more veg as well as balanced supplements is that I feel ‘cleaner’, not stodgy. I also have noticed a change in my cravings. I no longer want so many carbs. I used to want bread, cheese, pasta and chocolate all the time. Now I get more excited in the veg aisles when I shop. I have no desire for what I used to crave and this has just ‘happened’.

Debbie recommended some reading too. She knew I would get some sense from the first book she mentioned, now I want to read more of her list.

I will go back to see Debbie from time to time but she has set me up with a programme of recommended supplements according to the season and I am eating a different, and seasonal, range of fresh fruit and veg. My body and my mind both feel more relaxed and positive.

Sue Baxter August 2012

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