Dr Caroline Wheeler interview

imgresOn Food for Thought available from the 12th October 2015 on Natural Health Radio I have Dr Caroline Wheeler an integrative medical doctor, who has worked in New Zealand and has come back to the UK to help people to sleep better, with her programme called Storytime! We discuss how sleep has become a casualty of modern living, seen as getting in the way of doing something more interesting with hugely detrimental effects that most people are not realising. The lack of sleep is absolutely vital for body functions, and our brains never really sleep because at night time some of the most important brain work is happening.

Stress is one of the most cited reasons for my clients not sleeping or getting to sleep, they find they can’t quiet their minds, they start whirring as soon as they go to bed, Caroline gives suggestions to help resolve these very issues that she uses with her own clients, including how important our environment plays what are some of the things that you focus on in the environment to help sleep?

With research showing that the more television children watch, the less they tend to sleep, the study is adding to a growing body of evidence suggesting that too much screen time in childhood is at least linked to, if not the cause of, poorer health, both physical and mental. The backlighting on phones, tablets etc. is being shown to be keeping us awake. We are starting sleeping problems in youth now Caroline outlines how our mobile devices need to be kept to a minimum and out of the bedroom and gives us other advice including how she uses her own programme called Storytime.

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