Drama queen…

Stress is such a big factor in our lives, and I don’t know of many people now who aren’t suffering from it, but are you focusing so much on worst case scenarios all the time that you are making the whole feel much situation worse?

By catastrophising and focusing on what might go wrong, you are in effect turning up the volume of how you are feeling around the subject you are thinking about. Whether its a situation at work, in your car, or even something you think you have said, by considering the awful things that could happen are more likely to change your whole thinking, and physiology to one that then starts to experience higher anxiety, worry and stress, and it hasn’t even happened at that point!

What starts off in the mind with what if…becomes likely to happen, due to the language in your mind…and at that point you’ve probably started to convince yourself that it’s highly likely to happen, you are the worst person in the world, and these things always happen to you. The thing is that if this is your focus, a bit like before you buy a yellow car you never saw one, now you see them everywhere, you are drawing the likelihood of this situation happening to you closer, just because you are almost training yourself like an athlete who uses visualisation to become good at making it happen.

Our minds are powerful, which is why I’m so convinced that our health isn’t just about what we eat and drink, but also what we think about. By focusing and planning for the positive scenario, you are driving your whole physiology to act as though it’s going to, changing this in a step by step fashion by as soon as you consider the worst case then considering what you would like to experience instead, is a good place to start from. Then treat your mind like an sportsperson treats their game, mentally rehearsing what you would like to happen, rather than what you wouldn’t like to happen. Start to see and plan the best case scenario, and experience that feeling through the whole of your body. Start to see how powerful your mind is, Bruce Liptons book The Biology of Belief shows how your thinking has an impact on your DNA, you can change your gene expression, and if your thinking can do that unconsciously can you imagine just what you can do consciously?

It’s mostly a drama in the mind that we create when we are experiencing stress, many of us are extremely good at it, change this today.

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