Easy tenets of a good life

I’m the eternal experimenter with my health from superfoods, supplements, and powders to geek products monitoring my health and even giving me meditation support. I’m always considering what helps me to live my life increasingly happier and more fulfilled. I’ve found over the years less is more and my dad was right to consider investment overspending in regards to each moment of my life. That one thought changed everything for me, over the years I continually considered how I can invest each moment of my life in the best way possible, whilst most people are spending both literally and metaphorically speaking, my dad taught me to consider everything I own or do because it meant giving a part of my life up for it. That has meant I live a life very different from most people, investment has been at the heart of everything I’ve done and do, it’s also meant I’ve taken more risks with change because I could.

I have little interest in owning things, I always write down the thing I would like to own at that moment. We are driven by desires and advertising that knows how to push our buttons. I’m no different, unfortunately, I’m more surrounded now than ever by the internet and emails it’s hard to avoid those offers. So I carry on doing the thing that my dad taught me, I write down what I would like, I see if I can borrow them to try them out whilst I save, I save because it gives me time to consider the purchase and how it might impact on me, from how much work I have to do to own it, to how I might benefit from it. In the end, I own very few things, because in reality I would rather be reading, working with clients, or out in the forest walking my dog, and those things I have bought I buy the best I can afford so that I don’t have to buy them again. I look after everything really well, it’s easier when you don’t own a lot of stuff, after a few weeks generally I’ve lost interest in the thing that seemed so important to buy previously and by then I’ve read more about it, and probably decided I would rather invest elsewhere in my life or life experience.

These rules are great and have guided my life… except where knowledge is concerned and a few years ago I had to move to Kindle and e-books to help relieve some of the pressure of moving the library I had acquired when I moved house although I consider that my heating bill is probably less due to the insulating factor they have in my office and other bedrooms in the house.

But I like to experiment, and then track how I’m doing, I believe that this is how I’ve truly learnt about my body, not by doing the same things day in day out, smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch and variety for dinner, but instead by changing things to see what can make the body feel better and my mind feel calmer.

I can’t see this ever-changing, and currently, I’m sat with headphones on listening to Holosync Purification Alpha meditation whilst writing. A sight to be seen, but the older I’ve got the less I’ve cared about what others think and more I’ve cared about what I think, thoroughly empowering for those of you who are driven by other people’s opinions, they will always have them, that’s okay, but it’s not your life experience they are taking their opinions from but theirs. So listen and then decide whether it’s right for you or not, take the action that then feels right and monitor it altering what needs to be changed on the way. Nothing has to be set in stone, everything can change in an instant if you choose it to.

But I have realised something over the years, that all of these things are nice to have and use, but the things that give me the best results are simple tenets.

  • Good quality organic food, grown yourself or locally which still has amazing taste has the capacity to bring back the enjoyment of food again. So many people say they have lost interest in foods, and they are just eating from jars, cans, and packets processed foods, no wonder, start to experiment finding lovely spices, and herbs to see the flavours you can make.
  • That chewing your foods properly, eating simple balanced meals in the day helps digestion and not overloading the body is important. Whilst the focus is on intermittent fasting I’m finding clients are doing this and have not got the foundations of good health and diet actually in place. You should be focusing on having balanced fresh whole food meals, which give you a range of nutrients, intermittent fasting so you can lose weight and having more than 40% of your diet as processed foods is like eating junk food and thinking you will outrun a bad diet. You can’t, get the basics right in your diet first.
  • Getting to bed early and turning away from the endless entertainment that is reducing our sleep and next-day performance, good quality sleep is so important. Turn the devices off in the evening 2 -3 hours before bed we didn’t need that distraction originally and it’s causing a lot of problems with its knock-on effects with health.
  • The sunlight is free and much underused in our move from one box into another society, we are suffering from not getting outside enough and not being in nature enough. We can see this with children, get the limpet out of their bedroom and off their phone and give them the 3D experience of life rather than the 2D version where they think they’ve just lived life!
  • Laughter and friends are better than any antidepressant you can offer a person.
  • Drinking enough water and enjoying drinking it knowing it makes such a difference to the body, over and over again I see people who are doing specific dietary approaches and exercising going to the gym but who are not drinking any water. This is a foundation for good health, and it’s easy and free.
  • What you think matters and who you surround yourself with, recently I found myself watching the TV more, something I had stopped doing about, well I can’t even imagine how long ago. I didn’t even have a TV for years, the TV licence people would torture me because they just didn’t believe that this could be the case. But those around me like to have one so it’s now like most people a mainstay in the household. This then led to me feeling more down and out of sorts about what is happening in Britain and the impacts on Northern Ireland at the moment. Something we all clearly can’t ignore. But the impact on me has been profound and only in discussing what I was now doing with a friend did I realise that the key thing that had changed was my TV watching. Instead of being out dancing, exercising, doing yoga, walking the dog, being with friends, listening to music, researching, writing, making food, and reading I was now watching something that is quite toxic from my perspective. It had altered my behaviour and my mind was clearly starting to suffer from it. So choose what you put into your mind, a great piece of research I cover in my talks outlines how one group of people were told their genetics were just not designed to be good at exercise and the others were told the opposite. In tests during exercise their performance dropped, even though it wasn’t true, so what you say to yourself, what you put into your mind matters and is highly influential, choose wisely.

It’s about what you eat, drink and think! That is your passport to change.

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