Health Optimisation Summit

I’ve been given a 20% discount on the tickets for my clients!! Book your ticket here.

I just thought I would let you know that The Health Optimisation Summit is coming to London and I’ve organised for my clients who are into biohacking to get a 20% discount. It’s on for 2 days, with 40 speakers, and supported by the Bulletproof team. The dates are on the 14th-15th September in London.

We all know that who we surround ourselves with matters, and it can be a great motivation to be part of an event that brings together like minded people. There is lot’s going on whilst there, workshops, speakers, and exhibitors to inspire you and help to keep you on track with being healthy in what is a rather unhealthy world at times.

World class speakers

Hear from the biggest names in the biohacking, health, fitness, nutrition and medical space, including Dave Asprey, Ben Pakulski, Aubrey De Grey, Dr Mark Atkinson, Amy Killen and many more. The wide range of topics include:

  • Mind: psychological health and flow, brain training, neurofeedback, psychedelics, mindfulness, meditation, and nootropics.
  • Body: gut and liver, sleep and circadian rhythms, stem cell therapy, heavy metal and toxicities, nutrition and diets, sexual health, fertility and hormones, genetics, physical performance, movement and body composition, and oral and dental health.
  • Environment: epigenetics, air, oxygen and breathing, light, EMF, mould, water and hydration, nature, cold thermogenesis, agricultural, environmental and food chain sustainability.

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